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Morso blade question.

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Feb 13, 2020
Nova Scotia Canada
I bought an old Morso 8900 that came with two sets of blades. I have been exploring their dimensions using a granite surface plate feeler gauges and a dial indicator. I was puzzled to find the back side of the blade (the flat part that you are told not to touch other than burr removal) was quite hight in the middle when lying on the flat surface. I can easily get a .003 feeler under there. There seems to be some lore around these blades; I know I could lap the back very flat on my surface stone but I have read a lot of comments that say do not touch the back you will ruin the blade.
Are my blades good? Are they sprung a bit?

thanks in advance


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Sep 1, 2000
Jacksonville Beach, FL USA
Sunshine Frames
Yes, don't mess with the flat side.

Check the flatness when the blades are installed in the machine. That small amount of arc might go away when the blades are bolted in. Also check the flatness of the bed blade's shearing edge against the cutting blades.

Other than that, cutting a couple corners and seeing how they join is the ultimate test.

Joe B

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Mar 29, 2008
Blaine, Minnesota
My question is: are they Morso Blades or after market knives? I like Morso knives for the Morso chopper. The unmarked knives will generally fit the other brands of chopper but doesn't mount up to the Morso exactly right. Chopper knives should not have any type of cup in them for a couple of reasons but the main one is that they would be really hard to properly sharpen. Wally has it right, do not touch the back with anything other than a leather razor strap. There are 2 types of sharpenings, Hollow Ground and Flat Ground. Personally I like Hollow Ground the best because it rolls the chop shaving out. Flat Ground just cuts it off and I don't feel like the cut is as clean as the Hollow Ground. Flat Ground stays sharp a little longer but I would rather have a perfect cut. I don't believe the knives will straighten out when install. I suggest that you the on the machine and see if the cup/warp will straighten out. Give TechMark, Inc a call. They will have the answers. 501-945-9393.
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