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I have an accounting program with a Help file, accessed by Internet only. When attempting to get into it, I get the adorable little sound SP2 gave me which disallows pop-ups and anything else it chooses. I despise this stuff.

How can I temporarily disable all these dandy protections afforded me? I turned off Firewall: no change. I tried to lower the security level in Interet Options to Low but the stupid computer won't LET ME!! (I'm starting to hyperventilate. I wish they'd butt out and let me crash and burn...if I choose to.)

How can I lower my settings??
Try holding down the CONTROL (CTRL) key on your keyboard, as you click to load the link.

IE has a setting under Options to allow specified sites(specific URL's)to allow popups. These allowed URL's will be shown while most all others will be blocked.
Thanx, I tried that, too. What gets me the most is that I get no say in this. If I want to set my Security Level at LOW, I should be allowed to do it. The computer just says, "Please choose a higher setting." Period, it will not allow anything else at any time, no option. To h ell with them. :mad:

Why does this tick me off so much??
Do you have any third party pop up blockers or toolbars installed? (google toolbar, aol toolbar, etc)

When you get the pop up blocked, is there a yellow section at the top of the browser that tells you it was blocked? If so, you can usually right click on there and then opt to allow the popup from that site.

Have no toolbars installed that I know of. Oddest thing: usually you do get the message at the browser top that you've been blocked. There's no such thing anywhere, no matter what I try.

And....of can't call this company for help. They won't talk to you without a credit card number. I wheedled some info from a sales rep not long ago, but she acted like we were both covert agents. Jeez. I'll keep trying, all the while trying new vocabulary words.
C-a-l-m, Cathie...Brother Bill Gates knows what's best for us all..take a deep breath, hold it, let it out s-l-o-w-l-y. Then assume the Lotus position and use, as your mantra, "I have no say in how my computer works. That is fine. Brother Bill knows what's best. He watches over us all. I am happy."

I've fought similar battles, and with all due respect to those who've answered my questions, nothing I've tried has worked. On anything I've asked about. Content Advisor is probably my favorite of all time.

It just mysteriously appeared when I was searching for '57 Chevys. It asked for a password in order to allow ME to see the site I wanted to SEE on the computer I PAID for...Of course, I had no password, having never seen Content Advisor before. I called Tech Support, was told they couldn't GIVE me my password. I LOVE MSN!!!
Here's a weird one: when that artist phoned me the other day to tell me she wanted to participate in my horse project she mentioned that she had done two of the Rochester Horses. Great - I went to my bookmarked site where I have spent many a happy hour browsing through their gallery of over 900 horse art photos, and I get the following message at the bottom of their (very abreviated) home page:

Warning: mysql_connect():access denied for user 'roho-admin@localhost' (using password: YES)

Is that weird or what?????
I don’t mean to gloat, but each time I read one of these threads, I am soooo glad that I have a Mac!
The Mac has just as many issues