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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY


Double raised leather mats with leafed bevels, nailed down to leather backing mat; with the art float mounted on top of the stack?

Wrapped leather frame... wow. Is the gold a fillet, or another leafed edge?

Man that is more leather than Hanna at a Solstic party! :D

Just joking Hanna, I know you're more modest these days... :D
Steven wanted some more samples of framing, so I offered this one. He was kind enough to post it for me, since I still haven't figures out how to do post pictures.

Everything is suede. I painted the bevels of the eight-ply mat fallouts, print is floated on top. I finished the fillet to match the bevels. There is also a suede-covered strainer around the inside of the frame to shadow-box the package. Those are actually not nails. I cut beads from some Bomar compo I had and finished them to match the fillet/bevels and glued them on. To finish the back (I was too lazy to take it off the wall to photograph it), I cut a piece of suede matboard to fit to the frame's edge and nailed it down with brass nails after I backed the frame with Tyvek.

This was going to be a PPFA entry for the open phase of the competition 2005. They changed the rules, made 2005 a "theme", so now this just hangs in my family room. I am not going to enter it in 2006.
Sure is purdy. Tell us about the art. Is it an original? Looks like a watercolor.
That is a Greenwich Workshop print I had hanging around the shop. Loved the colors and the deckled edges.
Thats spectacular!
Thanks for sharing!