more pics of new store/backroom

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
This is just a peek into the backroom
from customers vantage point around
one of our display walls

Here is a back view of that wall.
It is designed to handle matboard
3240 as well as oversize at the far
end. Right now not so much as you see.

Right next to that is a horz. file
for incoming work. Overhead cabinets
for foamboard / mounting supplies,
and my mounting table and Seal500tx


Looking back toward the mounting area
you can see my frame assembly table
as well as across to the 60" Pheadra
Chronomat Cutter


Looking across the frame assembly table
to the fitting table and outgoing storage area


We did color code everything for our
own pleasant work enviroment and per
Jim Parie suggestion at the workshop
in Philly, it makes it easier for
everything to have a place and for
someone to step in and know where
things should go.

Ran out of wall space for corner
samples and so have 8ft. below design
counter on roll out trays

Here is another outside view of our store,
with hopefully a big customer draw right
next door.

Well thanks for looking and all of the encouraging words so far. I am going to
post a couple of picture on the tips
forumn of several items I made.
Looks great, I would advise getting a CMC as soon as you can, it will make a big difference.

FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Where is the junk, the 'gonna get around to its', the 'just set it down for a minutes', the 'too good to throw out, but not good enough to keeps'? This is not a real frame shop! It is probably a mockup for some Hollywood blockbuster....
Ellen, "Build it they will come"
As soon as all the framing jobs come,
all the leftover junk will come with,
I'm sure. I cut up mp scrap glass
from a couple of projects into 8x10,
5x7 and wrapped and labeled for
future ready mades and thought to
myself, I sure can't save every little
pc. like this in the future. You
certainly could be overun in no time.

But in my past life as a cabinetmaker,
you had to be ruthless at cleaning shop,
and not think of what every little pc.
cost you. Now I am thinking what every
little pc. of floor space cost me.
You know it costs me almost $20.00
bucks a year for that $4.00 wastepaper
basket to sit in the bathroom. Something
should be sitting there that is making
me money, not costing me.

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I'm glad somebody was brave enough to mention how wonderfully clean every thing looks. My shop is only 4 years old and I have a real problem with mat boards. The shop is very small and space is limited so I donate as much as I can to the local schools, but for the rest I don't think I'm set up very well. I also don't do wood working except of course for framing, and I'm not sure where to turn for someone to build new mat bins. Any suggestions?

We've only been open 1 1/2 wks. the dust bunnies haven't even moved in yet. In the "Cabinet Trades" there used to be an annual contest for the "ugliest Kitchen" Any one want to enter for the "messiest backroom in a frameshop"?
jennifer you could try to use the search function at the top of the page, search for cundy's creations. they make some neat things for frame shops. otherwise you could make something yourself. if you ask ron nice he might post his pics of his mat bins (hope it was ron?). but many folks have made some nice designs that are sort of simple. good luck
I'm afraid I agree with Ellen(do I have a choice??). It's obviously a cleverly disguised auto chop-shop, or a counterfeiting operation.

There's probably a button, cleverly disguised, that is pushed, and the counterfeiting presses swing down.

Seriously. It's a really nice, neat looking shop! Good work!