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Apr 9, 2001
Clayton, NC
Here is a memory disk/card for the Olympus camera. How many pix can I store on it, as compared to the 16 Mg Bit that comes with the camera??


Sandisk 128MB SmartMedia Memory Card
Brand/Model: SDK SDSM1288001


Easily expand the memory of your digital camera, PDA, or MP3 player with this 128MB SmartMedia Memory Card from Sandisk. 128MB of extra memory allows you to take more pictures, store more MP3 tracks, and save more information on your handheld organizer than ever before without having to keep running to your PC to download the information.

Product Specs Specification
Sandisk 128MB SmartMedia Memory Card
Warranty:Months Labor/Parts 60/60
Product Description 128MB SmartMedia Memory Card
Compatible Camera Brands Agfa, Epson, Fuji, Leica, Olympus, Philips, Polaroid, Ricoh, Sanyo, & Toshiba

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Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
Charles, the number of images you'll be able to store with either memory card will depend on the file size, which depends on the image size and resolution. Usually, you can choose various image sizes and resolutions on the camera settings, depending on whether you want to make prints or view your images on a computer monitor.

For a given file size, you'll be able to store 8 times as many images (128/16) on the larger card.

Lance may be able to give you specific numbers for popular image sizes, but they'll probably be in kiwis per kilometer, or something equally useful.

Lance E

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Oct 31, 1999
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Ron has pretty much got it covered, my standard responce would be that it will hold 8 times more than a 16mb. As you have not posted the model of the camera you are using I cannot be any more specific.
The file sizes are not only effected by resolution, also by the amount of information there is in the photo, a JPEG file is compressed, any large areas of one colo(u)r are going to make a huge difference to the file size. For instance it is not uncommon for a digital camera to make an image with a resolution of 1536x1024 pixels, the resulting JPEG can vary between 0.4-1.2mb depending on how much compression can be applied (a photo with a large chunk of sky vs a photo of a very multi-colo(u)red plant). Make sense?
SDK SM card @ 128mb, perhaps a little unstable and not the fastest, if push came to shove and we could not get any other brand we would opt not to stock that particular card by that manufacturer. Our prefered brand for SM cards is PQI, faster than most (I believe all) others, very stable, we are yet to have any returned. The PQI packaging is ugly though!
For more specific information relating to your wonderful Olympus digital camera try this link, it may ask you if you want to install a language thingy, just click cancel. The models simply have C instead of a D.