More antique pocket watches

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
It must be time for them I guess. I need to mount one to a matboard. Its round (duh) with absolutly no place to attach it. Ideas?
I posted this to Roz's inquiry, they might have something to help you too.
Click on the Domes and Pocket watch stands / holders.
As an alternative, you could get a few strips of thin acrylic (1/8" or slightly less) and bend up some tabs to suit you job.
Just pop em in an oven on about 180oC or heat up carefully with a heat gun.
Jay, How about brass thread (wire) about the besel and then through the mat? Sometimes I like to also cut a 1/4" deep sink mat for it to also sit in.
I like the sink mat idea. Foamboard would probably be easiest, lined with a washed show fabric. Make it nice and tight.

Wire thread might be a little abrasive, and/or there could be some metal/metal galvanic interactions. I'd lean towards a cotton or polyester thread for bezel anchoring. And maybe a thin Mylar strip across the body.

Rebecca, That's why I use the "Brass" wire instead of the copper, because it is "dialectic". No Galvanic inter-action. Which with a non-ferris like gold or silver, I wouldn't expect anyway.

I DO love the idea of a Mylar belly band....
I can think of a few things to use them on..... Tomorrow, I make BELLY BANDS!! I LOVE MONDAY!!

You say besel I say bezel. A watch expert I am not. If I read between the lines I will assume you are referring to the part where you wind the watch and it has a "loop" to attach a chain. I had thought this would be a good anchor point but it’s at 3 o-clock. I wish it was at 12 but ....

I had actually thought about a sink mat with mylar. My concern was that the mylar would show if I made it very wide so I wonder if I could make a little "X" out of the mylar with 1/4" strips? Then tie down the besil (my new spelling) just for good measure. Sound ok?