Money mounting

Leslie S.

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 11, 2002
Waxahachie, TX
A local bank owner called me in for a quote today. They have a number of frames in the vault which display various denominations of money. These were originally done in the '60's. They are concerned about fading, and acid damage. They are going to insert the money in archival, specially made holders (look like really thick mylar wallets, similar to the kind that hold baseball cards) and want to top mount this on conservation mat board, and re-glaze with a UV-type glass.
My first question: which adhesive is appropriate to stick the back of the mount to the mat? I would think the same kind used to encasulate stuff, but maybe this is not correct.
My second question: do I need to use spacers to keep the glazing off the mounts (the money is totally enclosed), or is it o.k. to smash it up against them?
My last question (and a pretty dumb one): Do the opaque plexiglass panels that go over flourescent light fixtures act as UV filters, or do you have to get those special sleeves I have read about on other posts?

Thanks for any advice,
Use 3M 889 tape to mount the sleeves to the mat board.

Use spacers in the frame rabbet between the mat and glazing to create an air space between the mylar and the glazing.

The translucent white plasic panels on the florescent fixtures may filter some uv light but the sleeves are a sure thing.
I don't think that the glazing against the Mylar sleeves will hurt the money but Bob is right, spacers will stop the Mylar from sticking to the glass and give a clearer view of the bills.

Hey, Leslie, on a personal note (no pun intended), if you see any loose bundles lying around the vault when you hang these pieces, keep me in mind, OK??

I would be tempted to move all my accounts to a bank that was concerned about fading and acid damage.

Oh, wait... Leslie, you don't think this could just be a clever ploy to get you to bank with them, do you???

This is the bank where I keep the store account, and I've been doing framing for them for a long time. Unfortunately, no bags of money laying around!

This is a small town, and my husband is friends with almost all the bankers. He insists on giving all of them some business, so we have accounts strung out all over the place. A little inconvenient for making deposits, but I do framing for almost all of them so I guess it is a fair trade!
If you squash the glass up against the mylar, you will get diffraction lines. Pretty, but distracting.

This would be a great use for that money-green chenille suede that bainbridge makes!