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Apr 26, 2002
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Customer brought in three pieces to be framed. Each is a 70x36 charcoal drawing on kraft paper. Rolled up of course. The edges of the paper are torn and rough. She wants the edges exposed. Any suggestions on how to mount these?

Does mylar come in a satan finish?

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Denny: Had a friend do this just a month ago. He mounted kraft paper to rag board and floated the artwork using fusion tabs. Used museum acrylic as glazing. Looked very nice.
Good luck!

Welcome back, haven't seen ya for awhile.

How badly is the kraft paper edges torn? Scott has a good idea in mounting it to a veeeeery large sheet of mat or foamcore or some kind of mounting board and then cutting a reverse bevel from the front so the edges aren't seen. Float mounting is an option but I would be more concerned about the actual mounting of the paper and any warpage that would occur with dimensions of that size. Materials are available over 40X60 but they are much more limited and you will have to get them to your shop somehow without the trucking company tearing the beehonkers out of them.

Have you discussed the negatives of mounting and framing such a size with your customer? It can be done but are they willing to spend the money for something that is clearly out of the norm for most framers?

Good luck and flat mounting to ya.

Paper hinges with wheat paste will work just fine. I would use LOTS of hinges along the top and even a few on the sides and bottom. I don't think you will need mylar, and I don't think it would be a good idea to use it anyway on something friable like charcoal. Are the edges meant to be shown with all of their 'character' or was the piece damaged by careless handling?

Your bigger issue will be with glazing. Regular acrylic is my default glazing on something this large, but the static will be a serious problem. The only way you could use it is with a VERY deep spacer, a minimum of 3/4", I would try and go deeper- say, an inch to 1 1/2". That means a sturdy and deep frame and that means big $$$.

Truvue Optium (sp)(anti-reflective AND ANTI- STATIC) would be absolutely perfect for this piece- it only comes (I think) 41 x 71 and you could possibly make it work size wise if you got over the nosebleed price. But the extra expense in acrylic could possibly end up being less than the sturdy and deep frame with deep spacers that I mentioned above.

Make any sense?

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Originally posted by Dancinbaer:

Does mylar come in a satan finish?
I hope Jim Miller doesn't see this. He might take offense that you would even think Mylar could be satanic.

(Okay, sorry....I couldn't help it.
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