Molding Widths


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Feb 24, 2005
Southern Maryland
I had a customer come in with some watercolors for me to frame. The biggest was 34x21, we sat down, selected the mats, and I asked her if she had any preferences for color of molding. She stated that she liked a 1" cherry, I proceeded to explain to her that I didn't think there would be enough support for the glass. She still wanted the molding after I explained to her that it will probably separate after hanging for a while. I even offered to use acrylic, she insisted on glass. I have completed the job, and it looks great now, but I'm afraid that eventually it is going to start separating. Is this a valid concern, what is your experience?
If it separates, any recomendations on how to handle it when she returns with it?
Garrett Moulding 237-078c, 1" face, with a hunky 1 1/8" depth. would hold fine.

As for "separating": On that big a piece, I would recommend 4 screw wiring rails instead of the saw-toothed hanger.
I think you are giving your customer wrong information. A piece this size isn't that big that a 1" molding is too small to hold the weight. Anything smaller than that would but this size is fine. If you are worried about the frame separating then add vertical wire in the middle of the frame to help support. You can also run a wire from the hangers on the sides down to the middle hanger on the bottom so it will help take the load onto the sides instead of the lower corners.
Personally, I think you are way underestimating how strong the joints will be as well as how heavy the glass for that size is. Plexi won't make the package that much lighter to make enough of a difference.

"Saw toothed Hanger"???
Wall Buddies for the top corners, steel corner braces (though I think this is overkill) for the bottom.

A piece of glass that size weighs about six pounds.
I very much agree with the corner braces. I use them whenever I question in my mind what long term will bring. Definate piece of mind if you have any doubts.