Mocrosoft's new "OneCare" plan


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Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
Hello from sunny Florida(just a small jab to all those unfortunates living in the snowwwwwy north)

just read news story on msn's newest "OneCare" for a 1-stop computer pitstop/total protection etcetc eetc......anyone playing their game, yet???? anyone HEARD anything from a user???? I've asked a couple of my locals, but the've heard little if anything other than what's been put into news stories......
thing that bothers me is --- you write code & make it sooooo easy the whole world can/does use it(no REAL crime there), you have MANY MANY holes in the code allowing God alone knows how many idiot bad guys to mess whith each system, then you suddenly come up with "THE" easy solution to this situation--you offer this (as I understand the workings) always on line/always fighting bad guys software convenient I'd say!!!! (does anyone besides me see a pattern developeing there????) I'm such a conspiracy buff I could even extend this to where alot/most(?) of these virus problem could have been created by the same outfit now claiming to be our savior......but maybe that's just that 3rd cup of Cuban coffee taking over

guess I'll go in the back room and cut frames!!!!!!!!!!!
tellus about Firefox. Thought that was gonna be the answer to Microsoft's buggy IE; now I'm hearing Firefox is getting invaded too.

What's a computer user to do?
Firefox is better, but still imperfect. Firefox is now attracting some hacker attention due to its market penetration. Now one of the issues with "open source" SW like Firefox is that the source code is available, which facilitates the writing of pernicious code by exposing its vulnerabilities to those with malicious intent. The good news is that there are many eyes poring over it and fixing problems as they arise.

There's no magic bullet.
All computer code has it's vulnerabilities, it just takes someone determined to find it's weaknesses to exploit it. They more common a program is, the more damage they can do with a virus or worm, the more likely they are to attack it. The people who make viruses and worms need to get a life!
Originally posted by BILL WARD:
Hello from sunny Florida(just a small jab to all those unfortunates living in the snowwwwwy north)

Snowy?? It is 75 here!!

The weather is so sunny & warm, people are sitting in the park instead of coming for framing.

If things don't pick up soon, I will close and hit the beach!!

Anyway: I have been using FireFox for over 18 months and it is faster, safer and better (Tab browsing is just one great feature of many) than IE.

But no matter what one uses, one has to practice "safe computing" to be safe from those hacker cretins.
Here is a shot of the FireFox screen, in case somebody wants to know what in God's name a "tabbed browser" is (if you look at the tabs, you'll see all the sites that are open at the same time, in this case it shows The Grumble, Chase, BOA, Yahoo, GMail, etc). One just needs to click on the tab to see the web site.