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Mitre saw, what to buy?


Grumbler in Training
Aug 13, 2004
new york
Need a mitre saw (power) for metal and wood. Any ideas? I cant afford a pistorius double cut -off. Was thinking of mounting two saws side by side. What are the best models and brands for accurate mitres? Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you
Originally posted by Zephead:
What are the best models and brands for accurate mitres? Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you
Order chop or get a saw that works. :D

Oops, :eek: thought it was the Warp. Sorry
I'm with Baer on this. Borrow the money and get a good saw or order chops. You can't afford a cheap saw.
Anyone have any experience with the one made by Inmes and sold by Pictureframing Supplies? Saw one at a trade show, and it seems like a nice setup with a built-in dust collector stand and measuring bench. Appears to be a very good value too if the quality is there. Anybody got one of these?
You won't go wrong with a Rabbit Saw from FrameSquare. It's slow compared to a double mitre saw but it's dead accurate. It's my idea of an entry level saw.
If you plan on being in business for longer than 15 years. Pistorius is a very cheap saw Divide the price by 15. It may cost you $600.00 a year pretty cheap. If you by it this year I think you still get a tax break this year. I spent that much on dinners last year alone. Get the saw cut frames instead of eating Dinner and lose some weight make more money.

Pistorius paid me to say that. LOL (just fooling)
If you can afford two inexpensive saws to put side by side, why not use the money as a down payment on a good CTD double cut off saw. You can also find good used double cut offs for around $1,500.00, if you look around.

Even with a inexpensive saw, you are going to need an expensive blade/blades, $200.00 and up for each blade.

You can also contact equipment leasing companies and get the saw of your dreams, blades included. (make sure to get two sets of blades if you do this, one being sharpened while using the other.)

For a small shop, that is the best way to go. You'll pay a small monthly amount, then in a few years, it's all yours.

Remember, no matter how much you know about framing, you are only as good as your equipment.

Consider these same options when purchasing a CMC. Spending the money on good equipment will help to make sure you are still around in a few years.