mitre saw blades


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2006
I am shopping for a moulding blade for my 10" mitre saw.But in my searching I find I don't no jack about saw blades.any feed back would(wood)be great
Ultramitre is the ultimate. They really know their stuff and will guide you along with what you need. We are in Seattle and rotate our blades to them monthly, we have two double mitre saws, one for metal and one for wood.

I am curious, where is Lilburn?
Yes Ultramiter, has very good blades that's what on
my Pistorius, But on my 10” miter saw with a Phaedra
I use Systimatic blades from

I’ve been using there 37367 10RT60-085N blade since last November
And haven any problems, when you get a little chipping on the Gold moldings
Just clean the pitch off the blades, and it will work fine.

Kevin, I've never cleaned the blades myself. How do you go about cleaning them? Is there a chemical that you use?

Mineral spirits or Coleman fuel does a good job of cleaning pitch and/or metal cutting wax from blades.

Ultramitre is in the business of making sawblades, so servicing blades they manufacture is most likely top-notch as mentioned by others above.

Beware if you send them a blade manufactured by someone else. They will change the engineered teeth angles in all planes to fit their own setup. In my case, on a virgin blade, they changed the angles and centerpunched the copper disks and afterwards the blade really "sings" when cutting wood or metal. "Singing" to the point where hearing protection was needed. AND they charged $60 to make this improvement to my blade. On the next sharpening, when I included a note regarding the "singing", they then beat the heck out of the blade with a sledge hammer, noted that on the invoice and charged another $75 or so for that service. After that, Ultramitre and I made an agreement that I would not send my blades to them again. The original blade manufacture cannot return the blade to specs because of the "improvements" made by Ultramitre.
kev do a thread search-thisyr/pastyrs--see search at will find MANY hits & about as many opinions as members!!!
Thanks for the input everyone,. I kind of admire a company that beats the crap out of something with a sledgehammer and charges for it. I think I should list that among my other services.I see Ultramitre is at the Decor show next Thats where I'm headed.BTW Lilburn is a suburb of Atlanta on the northeast side.

The only blades I clean is the one’s on my 10” miter saw, I just use a lacquer thinner with synthetic wool pad(brown or white). Easy off work’s fine too. I’ve notice that when the pitch builds up on the side of the teeth that the miter was not as smooth, but the teeth still felt sharp. So I clean them and the miter improved to a like new condition. My Ultramite blade I don’t clean them, just send back and let the professionals take care of them.

For new blades, take a look at Popular Tools.

They have three locations:

East Coast 1124 Roberts Lane Unit 102, High Point, NC 27260, Phone 800-881-7297

West Coast 12015 E Slauson Ave. Suite M, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90607, Phone 800-518-7297

Central 11916 Warfield St., San Antonio, TX, 78216, Phone 800-610-7297.

Will save you money!
You should also check out Quality Saw out of New York. They know their blades like nobodys business, and can recommend a blade based on what your needs are. Talk to Skip. 1-800-662-7297.