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One of the things we're looking to buy in NY is a mitre sander. The m0rso gives great chops, but there are times where this would come in handy.

Rather than listen to a salesperson's pitch, I figured I'd turn here for the straight scoop.

What are our options? Who makes the best one? Expensive? Any suggestions?

A big THANKS in advance
I have one of the AMP hand cranked models. I find it handy to correct slight mis-cuts, to redress a miter that has broken, and for fine tuning fillets.

As fast as the hand cranked model goes through material, I can't imagine using a power model.

Oh, because of the short fence, you should not expect it to be able to true a miter on a warped length of moulding.

I also found a finer grit sand paper at Freight Harbor that gives a cleaner face. The 120 grit that comes with it is a bit aggressive.


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The AMP is a good, solid machine. Manual, weighs a ton (ask Ron), and not cheap. I think Emibub recently got one for about $400 delivered. You can get a motorized machine for less, but I wouldn't do it. With the manual the angles are preset and you can fine tune. A souple spins of the disc and you are all set. BE cautious if you find a used one--there may be a few out there that have warped discs.
Mike, I bought a sander during the NY show last year. I too bought the ITW/AMP hand crank. You might be able to find some threads on this in the archives. I think the sander is a great tool! I demo'd it to Vicki and Chuck and he is planning on trying to get one in NY this year.

Last Fall, Paul Cascio had a great deal for Grumblers. He's right in CT so you might contact him. I got mine from Don Mar, which saved freight. United also carries it.

I talked to a framer on the South Shore (south of Boston) and they have the Barton powered sander and love it. My feeling was that it was too easy to take too much off. As Wally says, the hand crank is pretty quick itself.

I like the weight and stability of the ITW/AMP.

Thanks for the quick replies. I'm continually amazed at how great of the resource this forum is.

It sounds like the manual AMP is the way to go. We'll be looking for them in NY.

Don Mar has them? Great! Their home office/distribution center is only 10 minutes from our shop.
Here's the link that made me put the ITW/AMP on my "gotta have" list. If the link doesn't work, search "sanders" and pick "advice on sanders" dated 10-23-03.

Advice on Sanders

I see UMS has a Logan in their Supplement #38 (the blue one), page 2,for $127.50. I am intrigued because of the price, but the ITW/AMP looks alot more substantial. I'd be interested to see what the people who have sanders think about the Logan.