miter trimmers /45 degree sanders

New Albany Framer

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Feb 15, 2006
New Albany Indiana
I am a novice framer. I have read extensive posts on the internet, and the consensus seems to be that it is virtually impossible to get a perfect 45 degree miter with anything less than a top end saw or a morso chopper or equivalent. A cheaper alternative would appear to be a miter trimmer/and/or a sander specifically designed to sand at 45 degree angles. Can anyone give me any feedback on these tools. Are they worth the expenditure? Do they correct the cheaper alternative. At the present time I have a modestly priced Ryobi miter saw that I purchased a from "Framing for4Yourself with a 80 teeth blade. The cuts are surprisingly smooth, but, as of yet, my frames are relatively narrow. I understand that wider frames produce more problems.
I can confirm that a mitre trimmer gives superb results when used correctly. Dedicated sanders also work very well. I find the trimmer is slightly quicker and produces no dust.
Framerguy is da man when it comes to taking a modest miter saw and tweaking it until it produces consistently perfect miters.

For the rest of us mortals, a sander is a blessing, though if the miters are really awful, you'll be turnin' that crank 'til your arm falls off.

"If I had it to do over again" (per another thread) I'd have purchased a sander 20 years earlier (when I was still young-enough to lift it.)

Sometimes even the chops will need help.
Sometimes ESPECIALLY the chops will need help.
I'm finding out that there is no substitute for good set of framing tools and the sander fits into that category.

I tried the mat cutter without the measuring stops. Just doesn’t work as well.

I have the miter saw. My miters had gaps. Got the sander. So, I would recommend getting one.
mitermark do not try to go cheap with the sander, such as a logan. It won't help and in a month or so you will wan to buy a real sander.