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Jun 25, 2002
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We're looking for advice.

We currently use a Mors0 F chopper, and are very happy with it. However, it can't handle wider mouldings and we often find ourselves ordering chop and burning money in the process. (some times it makes sense to order chop, don't get me wrong) We would like the ability to handle the larger profiles up to 5 1/2 inches or so.

We never would have considered a saw because of the noise factor and lack of space, but we walked by a booth at the Atlanta show and couldn't believe how quiet the unit was. We only have room for one or the other (chopper or saw), and have decided to give it serious consideration.

The unit we saw was the INMES IM-30 MP which came complete with a sturdy cutting table, vacuum system, pneumatic clamps, left and right guides, etc for $1995(show price). Manufactured in Brazil and distributed through a company in NC. Product Link

We looked at other alternatives (Phaedra, Fletcher, etc) but didn't get a chance to hear them run.

My question: Has anyone dealt with this company, and is this a decent product? Are there other products we should be considering? Are they all as quiet? Is it crazy to sell the chopper and switch strictly to a saw?

We're only interested in cutting WOOD with the saw. We sell very few metal frames and can continue ordering those chopped.

Thanks for any advice!
Mike & Andy

I think buying a saw is a good decision. I have a Ledsome. It cuts absolutely perfect miters. I looked at several but never the one you are looking at. You may also want to look at FrameSquare. I used one for a while. They are not too noisy for store operation.

Pop up and take a look at the Clearmount setup I have. It's a good excuse to come up and see my shop. I really have no trouble with it as far as noise goes. Actually, I hooked a shop-vac up for dust collection and I think it's more noisy than the saw.

Oh yeah, Clearmount is located right here in Worcester, MA so it's real easy to get help!
That's a great point. 25 miles vs brazil

We have to come up and visit you soon!


PS: Thanks Jerry. Making a list of companies to check out.
It is a good idea to find out if others have had experince with this brand. It is a really great price for sure. What size blades does it use? We paid that much for a used one.

Just a Note:
I used to have a lot of back pain. My doctor ( who is a customer ) came into the store one day. He does wood working as a hobby. He was looking at our equipment. I showed him how the chopper worked. He said " no wonder your back hurts! You are extending your leg too high and it is pulling on your back muscles!". He suggested a little box to stand in front of the foot pedal.
We also purchased a Phaedra system which we used for several years before getting a Double Miter saw. We still have it around for odd angles.
Anyway that is just me I am sure.. and I have nothing against choppers. Besides they are great when the power goes out. :D
I'll second the Clearmount choice. Yes, there are, indeed, spiffier saws with lots more bells and whistles, but the Clearmount does the job, albeit basically, for a comfortable $$$. And the support is great. Winnie (the owner) will, more often than not, answer the phone if you happen to call, and her degree of help is unmatched. A good 6.5 hp ShopVac hooked up to the back of the saw does a fine number on managing dust, too.
I will add a nod for the Clearmount and second the vote for the ShopVac to handle the dust. Dollar for dollar, it can't be beat. I use mine with a Makita saw and a Forrestor blade and couldn't be happier.

My concern with the INMES is that I've never heard of them or known anyone that has one. Featurewise and durabilitywise, this thing looks like an incredible bargain for the price - but I wanted to ask on here first, and do some research.

To all those that offered advice here and by email to contact Clearmount - thank you. Winnie is a grumbler and contacted me directly with details about their products.
Hi Mike,

Your Saw looks like an industrial chopsaw designed for the commercial woodwoorking industry. We have a similarly configured machine made by Omga which we fondly call the sleek italian beauty. They are sweet machines as different from a home center chopsaw as rolls royce is from a chevy. The quietness is a function of engineering and of the 220 motor.

One caution however - the cutting capacity does not appear to be much greater than your morso. The maximum size listed on this type of saw is for a rectangular timber - depending on the profile your maximum picture frame molding might be much smaller.

I have a morso chopper, a ledsome double miter saw, an omga industrial chop saw and a ulmia sliding top table saw. The double miter saw is, far and away, the most used and the most efficient.

Peter Bowe
Saline Picture Frame Co.
As you know I was at the show in Atlanta. I was shopping for a saw. At this time we own a Jyden chopper, a close twin to your Morso. We also have a Phaedra double saw setup. I am looking to upgrade my Phaedra to a double miter saw. My Phaedra is for sale, see the items for sale forum.

I have seen the Inmes at several previous shows so it has been around for a little while. I was lookinking at there double miter saw. I was impressed by the dust collection system. The saw operated smoothly and quietly. The stop on the fence did not operate well though and as you know it is something that you move on every second cut. So I decided against the Inmes machine.

I looked at at PAM machine once again the machine looked great until I went to move the stop on the fence, it stuck.

I looked at every saw that I could get my hands on. I have narrowed my choice to a few and CTD and Ledsome are the front runners.

I will keep my chopper for fillet work.

If you want to talk give me a call.