Miter disc sander

Vince TGFU575

Grumbler in Training
May 30, 2004
Owings Mills, MD
Does anyone have for sale, or can recommend a decent mitre sander? Logan's got one on the 'net for around $150 but I've never used it...AMP's miter true goes for around $550 - I've trained on it & it's great but pretty pricey for my start-up budget. Thanks
ITWAMP is a great sander ....never used teh Logan.

Word of advice - don't skimp - quality tools, responsible vendors, great location, nice atmosphere - will mean the difference between success and failure.

Good Luck on your start-up!
I thought I paid $375 for the AMP, but that was two years ago and it was a show special in Atlanta.

It's hard to imagine anyone selling theirs unless they're liquidating their shop. It's not like they can upgrade to a better one.
List is $575, but I don't think anyone charges that much. It's 40lbs and some places will charge extra for shipping. I believe you can order it from DonMar or LJ (insert your favorite local vendor here) and have it come on your weekly delivery truck, to save shipping. has it for $489 has 2 of them advertised for $350 ea (used)
United has it as item 2260. We got ours from them at one of the shows and took advantage of the free shipping promo, and it was less than $500 at the time.
Paul Cascio (a-frame) was offering them for about $400 with shipping last year, but im not sure of his current price.

We really appreciate what this tool has brought to our shop. It saved us sending back 2 bad chops just in the past 24 hours. (~1/8"th gap from a reputable vendor. yikes) A couple seconds on the sander, and good as new.
A miter sander is a flat disk that turns and a guide that is set to 45 degrees. I see no reason to shoot the price of one up to $500 or anywhere in the ballpark.

I have the Logan and it performs the very simple task that is required. The primary disadvantage is that it is unstable and falls over if you bump it at all. It works best if you can bolt it to a table. If you can and don’t have to move it often, it’s perfect. If you have to move it often and can’t bolt it down I might consider the overpriced 4 times more expensive one but that one won't be very easy to move at 40#. An advantage is that the Logan cleans up very easily but I’m unsure if its dishwasher safe.

Carry on.
I bolted the Logan down, and it works great. I have had improvements in several chops.
Down side is that it's limited on how big a moulding it will take.
To Michael Labbe - thanks for the turn-on to Dave Griggs had only one left and I got it for the price you mentioned. FYI: Dave takes only paper money, no cards or paypal. I should get the sander in about 2 weeks.
Thanks again, Vince