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karen hall

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Feb 2, 2006
Kingsport, Tennessee
I am new to all of this---I need to find a source that sells mirrored frames...
does anyone have information on these? I first was asked from a designer I work with ....seen in a high=end store from retailer in England.
Welcome to the Grumble Karen.

Are you talking about frames with panels that have little mirror chips in a mosaic?

Like a disco ball?

Is that back?
No-- I would recognize the disco ball chips--- I talking about strips of mirror that must over-lay on the moulding..best I can tell. In other words-the profile is solid mirror. They were very unusual and they were framed with D.Meyers x-ray photographer prints-- prints from Poems publishing---but the total piece ran about $800 -- I just know there must be a source out there. Thanks for any response!
By the way-maybe I should get a cool nickname for the grumble..right now, my creative thoughts are drained.. from all of the framing..
I did check with wall moulding and associates, Larson juhl, and a few others and no one knows...
I may contact Poems...last resort..they may know.
thanks so much!
Local mirror suppliers can cut and bevel mirror strips to be glued to a square profile moulding. The description you gave only leaves this as a possibility. I have seen ready made frames that are made in this way but since the customer is high end anyway, why not do these as custom items. You will be the only one in your area that offers it unless your competition is reading this also.
I have an old brochure from a company called Mirrorflex. Couldn't find anything on the web so they may be gone. They make (made?) sheets of "rigid, high impact polystyrene, vacuum metallizing and polyester uniquely bonded together to create highly reflective mirrored images." The photos of the product look pretty good. They're made in sheets constisting of little "mirrors". You can (could) get them in little squares, bigger squares, narrow strips, and wide strips. You break them as you would glass, score and snap. They even have adhesive on the back. It also says that Mirrorflex should not be applied directly to the skin. Darn!

You might find something like this at a craft store and you can make your own mirrored frames. Just slap em on.
Doug - I don't think that company is making that type of product anymore - they are into home decor items like plastic "tin" ceiling tiles and back-splashes.

And the adhesive on the back of their old product(I used to make earring out of it!) didn't last very long - as adhesives go it went! Any frames I applied the stuff to 20 years ago - oops - off it went! VERY eighties - LOL!!!
Originally posted by karen hall:
By the way-maybe I should get a cool nickname for the grumble..right now, my creative thoughts are drained..
How about a really cool name . . . like . . Karen?! :D

"Real Names" are kind of like "in" right now.... :D
Thanks for all of the ideas...I will check out some of the sources...besides custom framing, most of my jobs are generated as I coordinate art for design firms that remodel and build medical facilities...so occasionally I get these request that are out of the ordinary, but you all know how that goes..