Mirror type frame help needed


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Mar 10, 2004
A customer brought in a mirror type frame with a photo. I don't know how it was hooked together before she brought it in, but she's wanting us to clamp it together. I've not had any experiece with something like this, and the only thing I've come up with is to get the hooks used on mirros. Can someone please tell me the correct way to do this. Thanks!
See if you can talk her into a narrow silver metal frame. Sturdy, blends with mirror, no clips...
Janis, do you mean a UniFrame (four L-shaped clear plastic thingies)? They tie together with string and a spring. If that's what you've got, we can tell you how to do it.

Ellen thinks you're framing a mirror; I thought it was a photo. One of us is confused.

Can you give us more details?

I am also guessing, but I think what she may mean is a frame that IS a mirror, with a clear hole in the center in which to place a photo. I have seen these in the past that are tabletop frames with easelbacks. As I remember, one back was held to the front with little metal clips (similar to uniframe or swiss clips), the other had holes drilled in all four corners with small decorative bolts that went all the way through both layers and fastened in the back with a tiny nut. The later was an antique brught in for repair...the easel back was missing it's tongue, and also one of the four bolts (and wasn't it fun trying to find one of those!!!).

If it has to hang on the wall, I think the idea of the small silver metal frame is spendid.

Janis had better get back here and clear this up. We've already got a mirror and/or photo in any of half a dozen types of frames.

I appreciate all the input so far. So far the idea of a small silver frame sounds like the best solution.

The item is really kind of strange. It looks like someone has taken reflective tape and added it themselves to the glass - and it isn't a very neat job...rather crooked. Anything we add to the back, which is a necessity in order to make the item hangable, is going to show through the glass parts.

Should the customer want, can you tell me where to find the little metal clips?