Mirror moulding "repair"

Bob Doyle

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 14, 2002
South Berwick, Maine
A customer brought in an "antique" mirror. they want the "frame" repaired.

The frame looks like foam insulation. Will Corner Weld eat this crap up? What would you glue this foam with?
No Corner Weld won't eat it, but it won't bond it either!!

I've had a couple come into our shop too, havn't found anything that works. I tell the customer it can't be done and sell the a new frame!!

Julie that is <strike>a fun</strike> an interesting web site isn't it!

I have it bookmarked and didn't think to go there! Guess I need to go through my bookmarks and get rid of the "fluff".

The colosest suggestion was styro to styro, this looks morelike inslation, I think I'll try epoxy or 3M 78 instead of 3M 77 like they suggested.

Thanks for the help, epoxy first, thanks Hugh!