CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 18, 2002
Huntington Beach, CA
Hi all,

I bought the Merle Adjustable Corner Clamp. (MM top right pg. 123)

I'm having a terrible time trying to join small frames. By the time I get the thing to stay together and the 45's aligned the glue is dry and everything is out of wack...

I called M&M and they told me to do pretty much what I'm already doing :confused:

Maybe you align just one 45 at a time with glue and work your way around. Hardly going to make any money on the frame if that's the way it's done?

Someone used this device and had success but I can't remember who...was it you Tom?

Thanking you in advance.
Are you referring to the strap clamp they make or some other model?
You might find that you need to use a glue with a longer open time if you are having the corners set before you get them adjusted. I also dry-fit the frame in the clamp before gluing to see if there are going to be any problems. I don't use the Merle on small frames, only on large difficult ones because of it's strength. I will use the Bessey strap clamp on smaller frames if necessary.
Nope, Cliffie, 'twas not I.

I looked at the clamp and it looks like if you dry fit the frame first and then slightly loosen up the band and glue the corners, it should all fit back in place so you can tighten the band evenly around the frame.

Maybe it's time to think about an underpinner, Cliff.



Looks like wally and I are thinking along the same lines today.