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Apr 21, 2003
Louisville, KY
I am designing a shadowbox with WWII medals, ID cards and such. I have both dress and everyday medals and I suspect there is a protocol for the sequencing of the medals but I don't know what it is. Does anyone know of a website or other venue where I can research the proper placement of the medals? Any help would be appreciated. :^)
Welcome, indeed, to the G. I got my uncles WWll medals, and bought the neat little plastic-thingie that they mount onto. Tom put you onto a site that does the same thing.
The plastic thing is the perfect medium through wuich to mount the rbbons. The medals are easy enough themselves.
FGll's right, there IS a protocol that is necessary for mounting the ribbons/medals. Don't forget the little stars that are affixed to the battle medals, denoting how many major battles he was in, or how many times he was awarded a particular medal.
In my uncles case, we had, for the uniform, to deal with the Sharpshooter badge, the combat infrantyman's badge and the expert infantryman's badge, apart from the actual ribbons.
He had a chestful, considering he was a staff sergeant. Silver Star with 2 stars, a bronze star, Purple heart with 2 stars. He served in 3 major battles in the European theater, then there were the good conduct ribbons, along with the usual.
There are others to consider, should you want to. The 'ruptured duck' that denotes you were discharged, and, if you like, the patches denoting which army/division, etc he served in, along with his rank insignia.
One thing to remember, if you want to really do it up right, find out where, or IF he was reassigned during/after the war. You have the 'army of occupation, the army of liberation', etc.
If you wanna do 'em all, and you wanna do 'em right, it takes a bit of studying to get it all.

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PPFA sells a military decorations chart that shows the exact order. Just go to their web site.
I just called my local recruiting office and they sent a very nice man down to my shop. He helped
me with the correct layout and thanked me for
Here's another site to try. There's a pop-up window that says something about security, but it looked innocuous to me, so I opened it up.
Vewwy interesting site....