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Mar 21, 2001
Redwood Valley, California
A thousand pardons if this topic has been DONE....


I am trying to match a moulding. My customer brought in a frame job from Michael's and wants me to match the frame for his office. It is a flat cap 1"high, 3/4" face in what is either ash or maple. I went into our local Mikey's but didn't find the exact moulding. Do they only carry Larson Juhl, or are they handling other suppliers?

I've found a very similar moulding from Vermont Hardwoods, which should do the job. I just thought I'd ask in case one of y'all knew. How could I tell if it was ash compared to maple? The office is done in light wood.....

If your customer has a copy of his order form it would have the moulding number on it. The order form should also indicate somewhere on it where the moulding sits on the wall. You would see a number like "21-12" which would mean row 21 position 12. All Michael's walls are exactly the same. Or if you have his actual frame in your possession you should see evidence of a white sticker on the back of the frame under the dust cover. That sticker would have the frame number on it. Or he or you should be able to call the store he got it framed at and they should be able to look up what frame he used on their POS.

Last I knew they carried a selection from LJ, Arquati, Williamson, Studio and they are adding more and more of their own line to the mix.

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Maple has a much finer, smoother, more subtle grain pattern than ash. Ash looks more-or-less like oak.

Are you sure it's not Redwood?
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Kathy, I tore apart the frame (with my bare hands) and there is and are stickers and markings! I think I'll call Michaels from a phone booth and distort my voice..."Hellllloooooooo, this is a innocent member from the non-framing community....and I have this frrrammmme...."

Ron, I had considered it to be Albino Redwood until the customer said it had been framed by a chain. Which come to think of it COULD be the reason that wood is so rare.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to the phone booth I go...
Thanks again!
If I am right M has bought a few moulding manufactures over the years. I believe Carolina Moulding was one of them.