MICHAEL GODARD, He's an artist, anyone know him?


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Aug 12, 2000
San Diego, CA
I need help, we heat mounted a gicle' on canvas by this artist. Cover sheet fused to the ink, print is destroyed. We have not found a way of contacting the artist to see if he will bail us out of this mess at a reasonable cost. So far all we have found is a gallery that wants $2500.00 for the replacement print.

The print is called 7 Deadly Zins. gicle' on canvas.

I know it should not have been heat mounted, it was a screw up, to say the least.

Any help locating this artist would be appreciated. (or the print)

Thanks Grumblers,

Hi John,

There is a web site that lists wholesale art for sale by galleries & frame shops...www.artexpediter.com. We were looking for a sold out Bonnie Marris giclee for a customer and someone in another gallery told us about this site. I just checked and there is one 7 Deadly Zins listed for $3,000. You have to be a subscriber to do a search, etc. The yearly rate is about $237 for a web-only membership. As I said, we joined yesterday. You can go to the web site where you can get information on how to subscribe.

Good luck!

John - would a conservator be able to remove the cover sheet? Sounds like even paying by the square inch might be cheaper than $2500-3000!!!

Nope, the heat blistered the ink and film, the print is shot. It's just plain frustrating to think I am going to have to spend $2,500.00 on a computer ink jet print.

I'm hoping I can find some way of contacting the artist himself because there is also the issue of the print number, that purchasing another print will not solve. All of the web sites do not give any method of contacting him personally, ergo my question, anyone know him?

John -

Sorry to hear about your plight - most of us have "been there" at some point, and we feel your pain.

Did you try the forum on the Michael Godard web site? There is a section entitled "Ask Michael Godard - he will answer". Don't know if it's actually Godard or web site staff that reviews the questions, but the forum site itself may assist you.

Hope you find some help.

Kathryn, thanks for the help. I made a post to Michael on the forum, see what happens.

Your right about one thing, we have all been there before. One of the things I have learned in my fourty years plus of framing, we will all, sooner or later, be there again. Accidents happen, it's part of being human.

Michael Godard Fine Arts Inc
177 Cassia Way
Henderson, NV

Thanks Bandsaw, that is a really big help. The phone number you gave me was disconnected, the town was right. I called information and got his Henderson phone number. 702-567-9920. I tried calling it, he must not be there on Sundays, phone just rang and rang. ( figured that, thought I would try though.)

I'll let y'all know what comes of this.

Where the heck is Baer? Baer is on just about every posted topic on The Grumble. I just know that Baer is a personal friend of Michael Godard, Baer knows everyone. Baer, call your pal Michael and get me a free print, or at least a realistic replacement price.


John, Hope it works out with the artist. I had a little accident with no where near as expensive piece, and was able to contact the artist who sold me a replacement pc at wholesale with the same number on it with proof that the original piece was ruined/destroyed. Maybe MG will do the same, he should. Sure shouldn't sell you a replacement copy with the same # at full dollar, after all it is limited, right!
At the moment this gut is one of the most selling artist in the world. He does really well. He was on the tv show INKED. They did a little deal about his art and him. He has got some loot. Hopefully he will be cool.Seemed like a wealer and dealer.

Good luck

Well, I got a hold of his agent in Nevada. These folks are very nice and understanding. They would have replaced the print for us, however, the darn thing turns out to be a forgery. I'm going to start a new thread on this new issue. Look for "Sticky Wicket # 1 )