Bob Shirk MCPF

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Dec 27, 2000
Shippensburg, PA USA
Not the underground transportation system.

The new line of moldings from Larson Juhl.

Have you seen it yet? Looks like some good profiles and colors to me. What do you think?
Yeah, like the line and I especially like the steel color. Also, how about the Whites line? Defineately need some more simple white profiles. Two more great sellable lines from LJ.
I went online to look since a competitor moulding sales person had mentioned some really nice new LJ mouldings (which I hadn't seen yet)... They are nice but pictures never tell the whole story... can't wait for the samples..

And the white is in high demand... looks good...

They both came in today. I am anxious to get them on the wall, but I can't imagine what's coming down to make room. I can't put up any more walls or spinners.

Sometimes the new things lay around on my oversize design counter for a few days waiting for some wall vacancies. People ALWAYS notice them there.
Yay, deep rabbets!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw Bob's post right before the local LJ rep came in to show them off.

I like the line well enough but if you left it and me alone in a conference room and asked what it should be called it would be a long time before I got around to naming it Metro.
Don't sell yourself short, Meghan. You would've thought of "White" right away, I'll bet.
I just got mine today. I'm with you Michael - the steel color is great!

What's wrong with "White"? It's descriptive and easy to remember. It will be interesting to see how these cut. Has anyone else noticed that you can work with the full array of nail hole filler all day long but it's always the white that gets all over everything?

I've been playing with the Metro samples. (It's easier after you remove the shrink wrap.)

This has to be the most stackable collection I've ever seen. I'm almost certain I heard several of the samples say, in their funny little voices, "Stack me!"
Have you seen the stacked model? I mean of the Metro frames. Nice model that shows off several framing ideas very well. I wish that it was made in the steel color. I might have to make my own.