metal hinges


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 7, 2005
Know where I could find some hinges that are smaller/more narrow than the ones on pg. 12 of the United catalogue (#2568) and possibly not brass (preferrably a brushed silver)? Did a search, but found mostly everything referred to those of the Japanese rice paper sort of hinges. Thanks in advance.
Thanks Dermot....I found just what I think the customer is looking for (very narrow jewelry box hinges)...except the price was over &17.00 per pair. And we are looking for at least thirty to start. Wonder why they are SO expensive? Who'da thunk hinges would cost that much?!

Appreciate your help, though!
Have you tired your local True Value or Ace Hardware store?

If it truly needs to be jewlery style, try a local place that carries findings (gennerally, the small stuff that makes up decorative and real jewelry and realted trades/crafts). Or go to Google and type the word findings

You might also try HERE and check the second page.

I may have to go to Lowes later today, and I'll look at 'em for ya. I don't have a United catalog, so I'm not what size you're looking for. But if any of these will work, they're something like $2.69/pair. Or maybe that was each. Anyway, if they'll work, it beats $17.00 all to pieces.

'Sides, you know how us Southern folk love a Lowes or a Wal Mart....YeeeeeeeHaw!!

Oops! My link didn't work. So here's a picture of a black steel hinge at Lowes: 2 for $2.28

And if you can use the kind on the right, they're in chrome, a pair for $2.17.

Just search for LOWES, click on the first search result, type in 'hinge' at the top right where it says 'keyword', then click on 'cabinet hinges'. If you're looking for something small, they may have just what you need!
Oh, bother! They aren't even for frames. I have a customer that makes purses out of license plates. (Yes, license plates!) They can find anything "skinny" enough with small enough pins, so they thought I could help. Another real money-making opportunity for me, huh?

Well, I might just check out Lowe's anyway. Give me a good excuse because I really & truly do love going to Lowe's. And I need a new lawnmower, too.