metal frame help

Al E

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 21, 2001
A long time back I got these gadgets which make changing the framing package in a metal frame simple. One just lifts up on the top leg and it comes out and moves aside. I still have them but can't remember how they work. Of course a customer will be by at 2PM tomorrow for a demonstration.

It is two el shaped plastic pieces, a small spring and two metal squares with a screws in them. I have the general idea but would like to be sure. Does anyone recall seeing them in a catalog or on a website? Or can you give me a description?

Thanks all.
I have used alot of them but it is a bit difficult to describe how they work.

The el shaped pieces should be a left el and a right el and they fit into the top rail of the metal frame. The spring hangs down vertically in each side rail and is hooked to a "tooth" on the plastic el. The metal pieces with the screw are slid down into the side legs and the bottom of the spring is hooked to each. You adjust the tension of the spring by sliding the screw piece down until it applies enough spring tension on the top rail to hold it fairly tight against the side rail miters.

The bottom corners should be normal looking metal corner hardware. To operate you use your thumbs and forefingers and sort of push the top rail straight up until it tops out and then flip it back out of the way and you can remove the guts of the frame and change out whatever needs changing.

I hope this helps you as I am not a very visual conversationalist.


They are called E-Z Hinges and are from Designer moulding
So Tim, That is the same kind that I used. I haven't had a call for a set of these in quite some time so I forgot their proper name. How close was I in the description of how to use them.

If I'm not mistaken the last EZ hinges I had were sent to another Grumbler who was looking for some a year or 2 ago.

Thanks guys. I got the hang of them now. I have three sets left and will probably use two sets on this order today. Looks like they are not manufactured anymore as I can't find them in any catalogs or on the web.
Valley Moulding and Frame has them. I saw some on the wall in the San Diego Showroom.