metal frame allowance??


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
May 31, 2004
Is frame allowance already there or not???

Lets say you go to your local BB and buy a package of 8" rails and a package of 10" rails, for, what else, an 8x10 frame. Should the glass be 8x10, or actually 7 7/8 x 9 7/8?

I'm not being a traitor, honest. I'm donating my time framing peices for a fund raiser, and the artists are purchasing their own supplies.

Thank you...
The allowance should be built in to the ready sizes Froptop. So, you should cut your glass 8x10. But measure a rail first to confirm that fact.........
If you have the frames, measure them. If you don't have the frames, I would not cut the glass until you have the frames.
When we did the survey for FACTS on the "Allowance Standard" we fould that a great many of chop houses used 1/16 allowance on ALL metal frames - some used 1/16 allowance on metal frames smaller than 16x20 but most used 1/8 inch allowance.
My guess is that your 8x10 glass will fit just fine in an 8x10 kit frame.
If you are going to add spacers - either the good stuff or the peel and stick stuff - you had better get a handle on the allowance early in the game.