Metal circle or shape punches


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
Anyone use metal circle or shape punches to knock a shape or circle into a mat? If so, any ideas on a supplier? I know they exist, just wonder if anyone has experience with using them. Would be nice for knocking holes in for coins or medals. I do not own a CMC, so I am looking for other options. Thanks!
What you are looking for is a die cutter. Try checking around your local printers.

Scrapbooking supplies include lots of shaped cutters, but I doubt if they would be any good at cutting mat board.

Die cut mat openings look different from blade cut ones. The color from the front gets pressed down around the edges.
Hi Jason.

I used a leather hole puncher to punch out a bunch of holes (68) for Mardi Gras tokens. It was hard to find the exact size, but i did. They work great on matboards, but have to be punched out from the front of the mat, not the back. I marked the matboard with light pencil marks, punch the holes out, then erased the light pencil marks. It worked
just fine. I purchased this a few years ago, but don't remember where... just search the internet.