metal chop problem


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Jul 12, 2001
Middleburg, FL
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I'm having a problem getting a chop of Neilsen profile 87 chopped properly.
I've ordered it twice and the corners don't match.

When I complained to the vendor I was told there was nothing they could do and they wish that Neilsen would discontinue it.
Thanks a lot for nothing!

I was wondering if anyone else has found this to be an issue.

By the way they did not offer to give me a credit for the bad frame.
Originally posted by D_Derbonne:
By the way they did not offer to give me a credit for the bad frame.
Did you ask for a credit? Something like "This chop is unacceptable, you need to pick it up and refund my money".

I know of at least 4 chop services in the area that can chop that profile correctly, probably even the one you're having problems with.

Chances are they are having problems with all their metal chops if they are having problems with this one, it just doesn't show up as well on the 11 profile.

Stick to your guns Deb.
I’m guessing that since there is only about 1/4” of the moulding that is in contact with the saw fence and, generally, the “hold down” clamp is somewhat above that, that the moulding is rocking upwards at bit during the cut.

I’ll bet that the gaps you are seeing are more towards the interior of the frame than the exterior.

If they lightened up a bit on their clamping, the miters should be better.
DD, it was from a distributor.
I called it in again and spoke to a different person. There was a little hesitation at first but they sent another chop. I'll see if it's any better.

Yes, Bill, I was told they have problems clamping it.
Not an excuse. Either cut it right or give me a credit.

The thing is I ordered the same frame from a different distributor with the same problem.
I have never ordered that profile but neither have I had any problem with any chops from Larson-Juhl. Give them a try. If there is a problem with the chop, they have always given credit or replaced the chop. (when brought to their attention)

It sounds like you are being jerked around.

Jack Cee
#87 is a very difficult moulding to cut.

Larson Juhl will chop it and the results are OK.

Another Nielsen Distributor told me they wont chop it and will only sell length. They said the bottom is not flat.

I can't get a good corner with my saw even using the Barton sander.

A couple of years ago I had an order for fourteen 24 x 36 frames using #87 and I had to get all the frames chopped instead length. OUCH