Melting Bumpons - funny story

B. Newman

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Sep 5, 2001
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Over on the HH, there is (yet another) discussion about 3M's infamous brown melting bumpons. For those of you who don't participate in the PPFA online exchange, I thought I'd share this story with you.

I recently took my dad to his heart doctor. While sitting in the little room waiting on the doctor, as always, I examined the framed art on the walls. (Marketing tip: How many doctors have you contacted?)

Anyway, on this one poster of the heart and all its components, I happened to notice what looked like blood trailing down the wall from the frame! I got up and looked closer - yep - it was gooey brown bumpons.

However, in this instance, it looked very appropriate...

I'm glad this doctor wasn't my customer! :eek:

I have a problem with a physician who doesn't care, or notice, that the 8-1/2x11 diploma on his wall is taped into a 9x12 K-Mart frame or that there are Bumpons running down the wall in his reception area.

Maybe I'll outgrow that prejudice but, at this point in my life, I doubt it.
We keep hearing about how framing is a “luxury” that not everybody sees a need to afford. It’s a neat twist to say, “quality framing is a NECESSITY to convey a certain image.” I wish I had known this concept a few months a go when a lady brought in her husbands new law degree. I all but refused to do it the way she wanted. I told her, sense the framing she wanted was horrendous, to go check out how his colleagues had their stuff framed. She agreed that it would be a good idea. It bothers me that she didn’t return, but not as bad as putting my name on the back of this hideous package.

I will keep your analogy at the front of my mind until I forget.

Now what were we talking about?
Recently the local dentists office got a new office manager. One of the first things she did was bring all the diplomas from the various dentists that had been slapped into cheap frames in to me to be reframed to match the ones I did a few years ago for them. She didn't even question the price. I was almost cheering that she recongnized the value of presenting a professional image by having the diplomas properly framed.
Speaking of melting bumpons:

I had a customer in last week telling me that she was experiencing this problem (NOT on a frame I did for her!) so I told her I would find out here how to remove the stains and residue.

I have searched the topic on the G and found a letter and info from Steve Hurlburt at 3M who sounded very informative. I just tried to email him but the address is no longer operative. (or in the inimitable lexicon of the computer world: "does not like recipient - user unknown.")

Anyone got any viable email links to 3M for help in this matter???
Well - here is something unusual! I am about to answer my own question!

I took a shot and sent an email to the "contact us" department off the 3M web page. I GOT A REPLY from Steve Ripka (the NEW Steve) and he gave me the following information about removing the bumpon goo from a wall:

"For cleaning a wall, you should use warm soap and water, or try a 50-50 blend of isopropyl alcohol and water. Either should do the trick."

I never dreamed I would get such a swift response from such a HUGE corporation!!! A lesson for us little folk, eh?
3M has remarkably good and helpful customer service people. They helped me beyond the call of duty a few years ago.

I saw firsthand how to handle customer inquiries/complaints positively from them.

They're great.
"I was almost cheering that she recongnized the value of presenting a professional image by having the diplomas properly framed."

There are also the "I just LOVE this print" patrons that want the cheapest work done. How much do you LOVE that print. Present it with the honor it deserves if it's an object of affection.
Moriana - bumpons are those little round things that go on the bottom corners at the back of a frame to keep it away from the wall and keep a metal frame from "writing on" a wall. They help with the air circulation and also help keep the picture level.

They come in felt, cork, rubber/plastic with adhesive and with tacks. United carried a million of 'em! Just don't get the OLD BROWN ONES!!!
OK. I thought that might be the answer but I didn't want to assume. I get the clear ones on a card from my supplies guy.
Never was any like the brown ones.
There never has been a problem with the clear ones except for that nagging conundrum: There's always one left over.

You'd expect, at the very least, that it would come out even for every other card, but no-oo!

Socks and Bumpons are nearly always used in pairs but it never happens.
There are many, many choices when it comes to the little bump- on's, what works best.....for you?

My new favorites are United's felt ones. They stick like crazy, and there's no chance of them ever melting. I also use 3M's clear ones, which are thicker, on pieces that protrude from the back of the frame a bit. However as someone pointed out on another thread (Ron or Framerguy I think) perhaps they should have called these things "Bumpoffs", as they are pretty easy to knock off somewhere between the fitiing table and the customer's wall.
:cool: Rick
Ron -
When my girls were little, they would take that leftover BROWN bumpon and stick it on their nose, running around the store, pretending they were the wicked witch (I'll get you - my pretty!)
Just doesn't have the same effect w/ the clear ones :D
Rick - a new favorite tip that I stumbled across while researching the melting bumpons was the trick to put a piece of clear tape onto the paper FIRST before the bumpon. They always stick to metal frames and they always "bump-off" of wood frames.

WELL - NOT ANY MORE!!! Try it - it works! I have been using Magic tape but I think J-Lar would be even better!!!

Reviving tired old thread


Funny story, customer came in to work out a trade. Brought in a Seal Heat press that we are working out a price on and melted onto the handle was, ta-da, a little RoundBrownBumpon!

Gooey and gross and, yes, melted!

Had to share it, didn't know who else would laugh like I did, she looked at me like I was more than a little warped!
ok here is my bumpon story

Several years ago, one day in the Frame Shop all the little framers were happily working away.
I looked over to my partners workstation and saw two little plastic bumpons sitting there. The framer had finished her project, wrapped it up for storage and hadn't noticed her bumpons had fallen off. I grabbed the scrap kraft paper placed the bumpons and my sharpie and drew a little smily face with the bumpons for eyes and left it in the middle of her workstation. Of course all the little framers got the giggles!
When the framer came back she had a good laugh and then got one up on us. Being a bit of an artist she promptly added, Hair (standing on end of course) a body, complete with framers apron, a flowered skirt, sagging sox's and tennies--oh and hairy legs, our little character also got a screwdriver and measure tape! of course we had to give it a name "Frannie the Framer" was born
we gave her a place of honor on our wall.
When our young artist went off to college, we mounted, and matted Frannie--signed all our names on the mat, gave her a cute little frame and she became a wonderful going away present!

As the worm turns or bumpons melt...

Customer came in to pick up a piece and I had forgotten to attach the bumpons so I handed them to him... and you can see the brain working as he starts with his "melting bumpons" story.... He and his wife were sitting on their sofa watching tv and he glances up on a very high wall which is filled with pictures and notices a "worm" coming off the bottom on a very large framed barn print. He's going nuts and saying to his wife "it's a worm; how did a worm get there"... and his wife is thinking it can't be a worm. So he drags out the ladder to get up to the piece and discovers this yukky brown "worm" is a melted bumpon. He went nuts. Tried everything to get rid of the stain. Finally wound up applying "Kilz" and repainted the area. But his blood pressure was sure up then and as he retold the story. Too funny!! (As long as it didn't happen to me). Oh, it was not a piece I had done - it was from way back when.
I take my animals to a particular vet, and the first time I went, I was in awe of several framing jobs and recognized one of the vets there as a customer at our other location. I asked her how many frames they had done at our store, and she said that all of the work in the office was framed in our store, and that the office pays for each vet/vet tech/etc to have anything framed for thier offices.

I was really surprised, but the framing really does make a difference in the atmosphere of a professional office. Even before I knew they had been framed in our shops, I was more at ease because of the nice framing of the diplomas/art.

For the original poster though- You could turn his misfortune into an opportunity. You could always offer to reframe it or point out that it's causing damage to the wall. The doctor himself might not care that much about it, but there's a chance that other patients might notice it. I always notice little things like that (not even related to framing) in offices.

We use the little brown felt bumpons. I like the clear ones better, but I find that they pop off a lot and I end up having to give more to the customers. The felt ones stay in place.