melinex, how thick?


Feb 26, 2006
Union Springs, New York
Hi everyone! This is my second time posting... thank you for the helpful responses the first time!
My question - I am going to order some Melinex in a roll, and I'm wondering what thickness you use most often. I need it for the the project I wrote about in the other posting (holding a punch-out book in a sink mat), but i need it to be useful for a wide variety of projects. How many mils thick would be the best for me?

Thanks, Kari
I like 3 mil ( 2mil is too flimsy and 4 mil is a bit more difficult to get sharp folds).
3 mil is my first choice, but 4 mil or 5 mil works as well for most projects. The difference is that 3 mil creases more sharply, but thicker film would be easier to handle without accidental damage, such as those pesky clamshell creases.