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Jun 16, 2000
Just got back from a little R & R, going through the mail,and found a wonderful little note from Meghan stating she was opening her new shop last Saturday.


She is very bright, young lady and I wish her well as she embarks on her new venture.

She now has a week under her belt. Any status report.

I am sure she will do well as she has most certainly done her homework.

Good luck
I don't guess I know her, but she does get a congratulations. I remember my first 3 or 4 weeks was full of excitment and fear and fun. It all started to go away about my 8 week. GooD LucK!
I realized I didn't list her full name: Meghan MacMillan of Baltimore.

I thought like Cher or Madonna, first name was enough.

Anyway, wish her well
Mom and I (along with my husband and daughter) went to her Grand Opening! She has a VERY nice shop. (I want her silent compressor.) :D

She even had a customer while we were there! (I LOVE it when a customer takes the first frame you put down on the counter!

The area looks like it is being upgraded. The road out front was still under construction, but it looks like it should be done soon. The sidewalk out front had just been redone, and the fancy brickwork help give the area an upscale feel. Great visability on a main road. She should do well.

(I just hope that the parking gets better after the raodwork is done.)

(Oh, Meghan... Ashley LOVES the giftbag you gave her. Nice touch.)
Meghan is a Grumbler that predates most of us on this forum, even Ron, but back then she went by an alias. She was once an employee of a shop in NY and recently made the big move to opening her own shop.

Congratulations Meghan. I feel certain all you hard work and planning will pay off.
Originally posted by wpfay:
..Meghan is a Grumbler that predates most of us on this forum, even Ron...
Hey Wally,

Most of predate Ron, not only in Grumbler time, but in years as well! :D

Congratulation Meghan! When I next get back to "the land of pleasant living", I will hopefully stop by for a visit. My oldest son, Ben is a student at UMBC and lives downtown off of Monument Street.

Good Luck!

Congratulations Meghan!
I'm sure you will be very successful in your new venture.
Go, Meghan, go!
You have been awfully quiet lately. Isn't it about time to start bragging about your new business? Or just post a few pictures for us to ogle?
Welcome to the wild and woolly world of self-employment!
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Originally posted by John Ranes II, CPF, GCF:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by wpfay:
..Meghan is a Grumbler that predates most of us on this forum, even Ron...
Hey Wally,

Most of predate Ron, not only in Grumbler time, but in years as well! :D
Like current dating references (the birth of Christ...though they now call it the Common Era (C.E.) and prior to that Before Common Era (BCE)), I chose Ron's appearance on the Grumble (Thanks, John :rolleyes: ) as a reference point for those who may not be familiar with we atter kaper (excuse the spelling, my Yiddish is rusty). So! that which happened before Ron's first post would be known as Pre-Eggers (P.E. or "the good old days"), and that which followed as Anno Rono A/R ( the years of Ron, Anti-Reflective, Abrasion-resistant, or "that current mess in which we find ourselves").

Sorry about the digression, but some things have to be nipped in the bud!

So Meghan, are you still going to be able to get to Florida now that you are self employed?
Congratulations, Agent U!!!

I know you'll do well!! Now I know why I haven't seen you on IM at night lately! Burning the midnight oil, huh?

And, hey! How come I didn't get an invitation??? I'm better lookin' than Bob!

I think I'm insulted or, possibly, offended and I'm pretty sure I demand an apology.

I'll research it further and get back to you privately so as not to further screw up this happy occasion.
Charles-If better looking than me were the criteria, you would be buried with invites and I would never get invited anywhere.

I met Meghan on one of my Chapter visits and I think I dispensed some high-octane wisdom for which she promised to give me 20% of the business.

Or, maybe she thought that I didn't believe she would ever get it open and it was her way of saying "NaNaNaNaNaNa"

I was glad to help her and she seemed so truly appreciative of the help she got.

I did double check the envelope for the stock cerificates-I guess they are coming by Registered Mail
Wow! Thanks everybody.

I have meant to log in and especially to publically thank Sue, Linda and family for coming to the opening. Even though I haven't been posting much lately I have been reading, and especially mining the archives.

It's a cozy little shop with good visibility on a pretty major street. (Better visibility after the construction crews pack up and move to the next section of the street. Mid-May my eye!)

Customers are finding us, but curiously two or more at a time. So far since we've been open each Thursday at 3:30 pm has been the absolute busiest time of the week.

I am thankful for the Grumble each and every day. The table we built for our CMC is based on the one that Andy and Mike built at Get the Picture. When I couldn't find the thread that included pictures of it I emailed Mike and he replied almost instantly. I studied the archives before choosing POS software, when choosing a joiner, and decided after reading here to buy a sander.

My partner in the business registered on the Grumble today - try and be kind to Maria C.
Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome. Meghan made me promise to stay in the business forum but what's a girl to do when they hear someone shout, "We have our OWN Thread!"?

I will brag for Meghan. She's done an amazing job and together we built one heck of a little shop. We are having our disagreements. Most of them about taste since she has plenty and I have none. She keeps pointing me at the design counter and I keep slapping down red suede mats until she leaves me alone and lets me go back to keeping the books.

Is the fun part over? Now it's time to get those people to come through the door. But Meghan must be doing something right. Two of our earliest customers have already come back with a second order. Sure, they're small tickets, but it's a start.

Hay do we call Meghan and Maria collectively M&Ms :D

Sorry I could not resist…… :rolleyes:

Once again every good luck….
Hey Meghan,

Where is your shop located? I'm in Baltimore pretty often and would love to stop by and check it out.

Best of luck in the next few months as you get off your feet! :D
Hey Meghan-I keep looking in the mail for those stock certificates (It was 20% wasn't it?)

Good luck-I'm sure you and Maria will do just fine.

Gotta go check the mailbox
Hey Meghan,

Good Luck and may God Bless! I remember My first few weeks of buisness, What a wonderful time. I hope your shop brings you as much fun and adventure as mine has me. I think it's neat that you opened with someone. I sometimes wish I had done that. A partner can be nice, Someone to share the highs and lows.
Again Good Luck to you both!

How did I miss this? Congratulations Meghan and Maria! I wish you both much success!