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Meet up in Philly ? ! ?

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
Appears a lot of Grumblers are going to Philly. My wife and I will be there 13 - 17 and was wondering if there are any plans for Grumblers to meet up! We're new, is there a "secret handshake" or a special way of identifying each other. ( if so that probably needs posted on "warped")
Linda Foote and I will be there on Saturday. Perhaps we can meet and go out for dinner? There is a good Italian place around the corner.
I thought I was going to be able to go to the show. Turns out, I've gotta work. Yuck. I'd much rather go to Philly. :mad:
I'll arrive Thursday & go home Monday. Gail can't go this time, so I'd like to spend more time with framing friends. Whatever's going on, count me in.

Dinner would be good -- or maybe we could just have breakfast or lunch at the big market across the street from the convention center (can't remember the name of it).

It opens & closes early -- seems like mostly a farmers' market, but the food vendors are excellent.
It sounds like you are talking about the Reading Terminal Market at 12 and Arch Streets. Make sure you get there early. It's very popular. Their website is readingterminalmarket.org. Hope ya'll have fun in Philly!
Ok guys, but we still have to decide where, when, how to meet. What about that "secret handshake" or maybe we could whisle a certain ture, or wear a white carnation, or a "G" on our forehead.
I'm just jokin around, but I've never been to Philly for this convention before, so I don't know the lay of the land. I am taking classes AM & PM Fri/Sat/Sun but maybe we could make a place to meet up at noon one of those days and then make plans for the evening.

Someone suggest a prominent space in the convention center or a certain booth, and if we all can agree, then we can make it the offical "Grumble" gathering site for any others reading this post and who want to meet up! Go for it.
Time is running out to set up a meeting place if anyone is interested. I'll be on the road early Thur. a.m. and won't have access to the Grumble again until we come back from Philly.

And how about the best place in town for a Philly Cheese Steak, never really got a "this is absolutly the best place, can't miss it" concensus when I asked that question last month. Maybe we'll meet some of you in Philly.
Ok... We will meet at the Fletcher booth, and pester John Ranes. How about noon? We can set up a time and place for dinner, so that we don't miss any of the show.

See you there!
j paul - As I mentioned before Pat's has been voted the best for years, but do a google search for Philly cheesesteaks - you'll find lots or recommendations. Here's a cut and paste from one of the sites.

There are a few famous spots particularly noted for their steaks, including:
Pat's in South Philadelphia
Jim's Steaks on South Street (which, surprisingly, isn't in South Philly)
Rick's in the Reading Terminal Market
But, the best place to enjoy a Philadelphia sandwich is in one of the hundreds of small luncheonettes that dot the area. If you know a local, asking him for a recommendation....

So there you go, Ricks is right across from the show at the Reading Terminal. As far as recommending the best....Philly cheesesteaks are different from any other subs or hoagies and you probably won't find a bad one in the city.

If there are any plans for a get together on Sunday, let Bob and I know. We'll only be there for the day
OK! Sounds good, Grumblers can check in daily at the Fletcher Booth at noon to see what is going on later that day, or just to meet and greet. Will be nice to put faces to names, at least for me as we are still new.

PS. we will be starting the build out to our new store as soon as we get back from Philly.
So it is Sunday at noon? I am trying to put all the posts together or is it Saturday? I am not sure...somebody send me a message. Thanks
dns ynko, sounds like Sue May and Linda Foote will be there on Saturday. Jim Miller says he'll be there Thur- Monday, same as my wife and I. So unless some one else chimes in, it seems like Saturday.

I suggest that if possible (and I will try to do so) that we stop at the Fletcher booth each day at noon and see what going on. Maybe we can talk John Ranes into having a sign-in contact sheet for Grumblers at the booth. I've never had the pleasure yet of meeting John, you think he'll go for it?
John would probably love to have everyone meet at the Fletcher booth. He is a great guy. (Besides... with all of us meeting at his booth, he will look VERY busy!)
Well OK! then, there it is noon on Saturday (or check in everyday) at the Fletcher booth. Suitcases are packed, just gotta load up the car, and we're on our way. Looking forward to all the classes we're signed up for/the exhibits and the meet up. Hope to see you there.