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Here's one I've been meaning to share
The theme is the red cross during the 1st world war, the heritage is British and so I used a deep green backing and a Mahogany rope motif frame from Larson. Cutting the frame was a bit tricky on the chopper and next time I would use a table saw. The mat was cut as a square and then trimmed to fit, all of the ribbons are held tightly through the mat cut on a bevel so as not to reveal the core buttons and pins were afixed with their own pins or wire I used plexi for glazing.

I have only one word....WOW!
Truly beutiful, thanks for sharing.

Sue May :)
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Thanks Mike for taking time to post this great work of yours. How long did it take to do?

What moulding did you use?

The mat took me about an hour to lay out and cut, placement of the medals and size were determined using kraft paper and trial and adjustment. The slit cuts (that the ribons go through)for the sub mat were done from the top to eliminate overcuts. I quickly marked a sheet of 3/16 af foam core with the windows of the mat and cut reverse bevel about 1/2" back from marked points creating a solid but invisible spacer between the mats. The frame I used was Larson 417-VM which had all the space and design I wanted.

I have found when doing this type of work that the suede mats (not used in this job)are excelent to work with as they offer a bit of forgivness as well as a luxurious feel to the overall design.

Left handed framer,

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