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Apr 9, 2001
Clayton, NC to why I run Ad-Aware EVERY time I log off, and it always picks up from 1 to as many as 9 data miner programs.
I went in and enabled the firewall option, but, being miserably computer illiterate, don't know if that's a fix or not.
Recently went through a Visa scare. My local Credit Union changed everybody's account number, but were really vague when pressed as to why.

Also, still would like to know whether SPYWARE BEGONE is worthwhile or not. I have a general idea what it does, but would like some input/help/advice from those of you who know far, far more than I do.

Any help would be appreciated.
I run Ad Aware when I log off too. One of the sites I play a game at is notorious for picking up data miners. I always get some of them.

I run Spy bot about once a week too, just in case.
Charles, Ad-Aware is a very good program. It will remove spyware, but it won't protect against getting more of it. There aren't many sites you can visit without picking up something you don't want.

I'm not familiar with Spyware Begone. Most of the spyware programs I've looked at are limited demos. Many will detect spyware, but then force you to purchase the program to actually remove them.

Spybot Search and Destroy here is a free spyware program that works. Be sure and download updates from time-to-time and run the "immunize" utility to help protect against many kinds of spyware. They will ask for a donation, but won't cripple the program if you choose not to make one.

Even with the immunize function, I run both Ad-Aware and Spybot at least once-a-week. Since they take a while to search the whole system, I start the scan at the end of the day.
I use ad-aware to do it all. They sell a commercial version (AD-AWARE PLUS) that will let you know when an infection comes in on-the-fly. $26.95

What are the names of these new parasites you keep getting every day? If they're just "TRACKING COOKIES", I wouldn't worry about it. If they have specific names, then it could be something more serious.

Do you use They set a tracking cookie that gets flagged.

Ironically, i'm posting a poll today about virus scanners and spyware/adware blockers. The info is compiled, and it'll be posted as soon as I get to the office.