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Paul N

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jun 10, 2005
CT, not far from the LI Sound
Does anybody know a source for power strips with extra long cords (over 12 ft)?

The fire-marshal is not happy with our shop's extension cords and wants power-strips instead, but their short cables are a problem.

Thanks in advance.
I would think they would be pricey, as they are a speciality item. Couldn't you get an electrician and add a circuit, run conduit, boxes, and outlets and be much safer? (And more professional looking.)

If not then you could look into office supply stores. My father had a thick rubber "thing" that the cord ran inside of. Protected the cord from being stepped on, kept the cord flat so people would be less likey to trip.

I've also seen these cord protectors in the Warehouse catalogs that sell OSHA protective items.
Thanks by the way for the question! I am moving and remodeling the new space and the raceways on the website will give me some really good ideas for safety, and a more permanent look than wire staples on the moulding!
Hi Bob:

Thanks for your reply. Actually, we do have heavy duty extension cords in place. But the Fire-marshal wants power-strips (with multi openings) instead.

If I can't find those, then an electrician might be the only alternative although it won't be easy or cheap: We need to provide lighting near the undrepinner. Which is in the middle of the room - no walls for a new outlet...
except in the floor maybe.
Paul, the 4-500 spent on an electician to electify your shop with great extra light and a zillion plugs on conduit runs, can clean up your "trippable" floor and supply you with more easy access than the trouble of "satisfying the marshal".

now plumbing in that second bathroom just to have sexregated toilets....
Maybe you could put a chandelier over the underpinner! Then you could "loop" the wire from cup holder hooks screwed into the ceiling.

BTW that site I linked to earlier had a power flooring system. But that was far more expensive than hiring an electrician would cost you! To save costs you could contact a local tech school and have them do the work. The kids run the wiring and it gets signed off by a licensed electrician.

Have fun!
now plumbing in that second bathroom just to have sexregated toilets....
And, don’t forget the third one on the second floor that you have to make wheel chair accessible with plumbing fixtures in braille and a diaper changing table with a biohazard disposal system.

Ten, … fifteen bucks, tops.

I just need one light for the undrepinner. We have other outlets in the room, but not near the undrepinner.

Heck, I might get my employee infra-red goggles, they're still cheaper than an electrician.. ;)

As for the sexregated toilets....I do have a very nice bathroom, used mostly (%99 of the time) by female customers. They love it (art on the walls, fancy mirrors, poh-poureee, the works!)

The only thing missing are chocolate-dipped strawberries...
I donno, Paul. If your fire inspectors are anything like ours (and by that I mean gentlemen and scholars) you probably have nothing to worry about.

Ours rarely look for the same problem twice - even if they wrote it up during the last inspection. But they might notice some "new" violation for the first time that's been there for ten years.

Rather late in life I've become a believer in hiring professionals to do the things I always thought I could do, but really couldn't. That would include electricians, but especially PLUMBERS. I always thought that, if the water came in through one pipe and went out through another, everything was okay.

I recently learned there's more to it. (You don't want the water taking any detours in-between.)
15 foot model


Home Depot Part Numbers
Internet # 168704
Catalog # 100341452
Store In-Stock SKU # 304115
• 10 Outlets
• 15 Ft. Cord
• $25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
• Lifetime Warranty
Belkin Model # F9D1000-15-DP
Belkin SurgeMaster,
Simply switching your workshop tools on and off can create electrical imbalances that cause cumulative, permanent damage to your valuable equipment. The Belkin SurgeMaster, with over 38 million units protecting homes worldwide, is your premiere solution for clean,safe power and the industry's best in construction, ratings and safety standards. This Metal Unit provides a Heavy-Duty 15 Ft.ft power cord, it also includes a Surge Protection Indicator, It has a power switch and a Imapct-Resistant Metal Case. Lifetime Warranty.

I believe in letting certain professionals do the work I either can't do or don't have the time. Especially plumbing and garage door-openers!

And yes, this fire-marshal will be back in 30 days to make sure we took care of the infractions...


Thanks, that will also work.
When I stepped in, my underpinner was plugged into a power strip on the floor with a surge protector.I had to plug it in every time I v-nailed, then unplug it when I was done, the cord was right in the middle of the work area. About every third corner it would trip it off. Had to turn off the v-nailer, turn back on the power strip, turn back on the v-nailer and finish the fourth corner. What a PIA!!!
My husband is an electrician-turned baker. He got a heavy-duty extra long extension cord, $15 dollars, I think, the 3-pronged kind, and attached it around underneath the work bench, off the floor, and plugged the v-nailer into it. No more trip-offs. Piece o' cake, and even you could do that!
I can't believe the previous owner put up with that for all those years. And it satisfied the fire inspector too.