Maximum Moulding Length


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 2, 2004
Dana Point, California
Hello all-

I had a photographer call this morning who is going to need moulding for a panoramic image that will be 10-11ft. by 3 ft. The image will be on canvas and already stretched. My question is can you get moulding that length or will splicing something togather be necessary. I said I would inquire about it. Thought I would post here before making phone calls.

Thanks for any input.

Scott Mantecon
Coastal FrameWorks
You'll probably have to look for a hardwood frame manufactured locally. Because of containerization, most of the imports are limited to 3 meter sticks. Check with Foster Planing Mill (323)759-9156 if you don't have a local cabinet shop that can mill this for you.
Each manufacturer / distributor has different lengths. I would call them and specifically ask what they have in 12' sticks based on what type of finish you want. I have some import length that is 12.5' long. It is good that I have a 15' roof deck in the building.
Scott, Check with Foster who is in "the neighborhood" and also Sterling Frame is out in Santa Clarita (Canyon Country) and can finish moulding for you too. They also chop PB&H.

Good luck

Metals are also a possibility in this case. Long lengths, light weight. I am assuming they are thinking of no glass, right?
Couple of years ago I framed a panorama photo 11 feet long and would you believe the client choose a triple stacked frame. Not only did I need 12 foot lengths of 3 different mouldings but all 6 pieces had to have no flaws. And to top it off I had to get each from a different supplier. I was pleasently surprised to have no trouble getting the moulding. It looked great when finished!