Maxim glue to the test...


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Jul 20, 2005
Okay, so this morning I decided to put the "much talked about" Maxim glue to the test.

I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and love how it works. But i've been leaving the moulding in the vise for 45 minutes, so obviously with most glues, it should be bonded by then. I didn't leave it in as long as I did because I wanted to wait that long, just because I could. Had other things to do.

This morning I decided to try the "5/15" (red bottle) Glue on some spare moulding and find out how well it bonds in 15 minutes. Well, after 15, no bond what so ever.
Could it be that this stuff bonds in 16 minutes? and I was too hasty?

What is your experience with this glue?

I always first glue bond my joints then I vnail em. PLEASE don't rant about how I'm doing this wrong and how I should change my ways. This works for me and I get PERFECT joints everytime. The last thing I want is Framah coming in here telling me to hate Bush, somehow he always finds a way to put that in every post :eek:
If you read the fine print of any glue..........they refer to the "set tme". The set time is not the same as the "maximum strength" time.

By v-nailing after gluing and letting it set for 15 minutes, the glue is set but not at maximum strength. The insertion of the v-nails pressure is therefore greater than the set time strength.

Change your ways, change the glue or wait longer. Your choice.
There is no fine print on my Maxim bottles. It just says "5 minutes setup, 15 minute bonding, 3 hour cure"

Just tried it again, 25 minutes, bond broke while v-nailing. Another sample at 30 minutes and was able to accept the v-nails without breaking the bond
Maxim 5/15...set-up time is 5 minutes, bonding should be achieved in 15 minutes. Cures in 3 hours.

The way I was shown is apply your glue (making sure you achieve full coverage), immediately set corner in v-nailer, pop the nails in for each corner. Set it aside to cure before assembly, if possible.

This method should provide a nearly bullet-proof hold once the glue has cured. That's been my experience with Maxim 5/15.

How are you set up to insert v-nails? V-nailer, solid clamps, or strap clamp?
" PLEASE don't rant about how I'm doing this wrong and how I should change my ways."

Even if you are doing it wrong?
I worked with apprentices in my other career all the time. I would tell them that there is two ways we can do this, my way or the stupid way. You have chosen "B".

There are cats here that have joined more frames than Carter has pills. They will help you but only if you want it. If you wanna do it wrong, then I would suspect you will continue to worry about why glues don’t set up in the amount of time that you want.
Using your method you would really be better off clamping for 15 minutes, allowing the frame to rest (and the glue to cure) for the balance of the 3 hours, then v-nailing. Before the glue has cured, you are at risk of breaking the joint while v-nailing.
The method you use is time-honored and produces excellent results. It is possibly one of the slowest methods, and if you choose to continue to use it, you will just have to accept that fact.
The "set" time on any glue is the recommended minimum time that the joint be under pressure. That can be achieved by clamping, as you do in vise, or as mentioned before, from the insertion of the v-nails while the glue is wet.

It is curious to me as to why your joints are failing when being v-nailed. I use the wet glue and v-nail technique, and the v-nails help to draw the joint together. Could it be that there is some mis-alignment in your v-nailer forcing the joint open?
My gracious...our little group has sure been feisty in all the forums lately. Could it be burn-out from natural and man-made disasters?
Maybe so. Of coarse tomorrow is the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. I know I always get antsy this time of year.
Originally posted by wpfay:
Could it be that there is some mis-alignment in your v-nailer forcing the joint open?
Well.. i'm using the InMe manual vnailer. I started this business not knowing how it'll work out so I didn't want to spend too much. Maybe it is forcing the joints open with the pressure from the top hold-down bar.
Time for an upgrade?

Also, I'm sorry for mentioning Framah and Bush in the first post of this topic. That doesn't belong here, I know.
I use ordinary PVA wood glue. I put a thin line of glue down the centre of one half of the joint, then "V" nail straight away using an air driven underpinner with just a top clamp. Perfect joints every time.