"matting" using the poster


True Grumbler
Mar 2, 2002
A customer came in today, said they saw a print that had the outside edges of the print cut and raised from the main print, matt effect but using the print. I was going to mount it on matboard, then cut my borders. Any suggestions/ideas?
Hi jp,
We did several of these years ago and as I recall we always had a bottom mat whether it be 1/8 or 1/4 inch so it didn't fall through. Yes, there is a bit of separation, but otherwise you will probably be dealing with using two posters for the sake of overlap.

Hope this helps you,
Technically you could place the two pieces together with the bevels overlapping by about 1/16", but mounting them & keeping them aligned is tricky. It would look something like this:
_/_ =window mat; outer perimeter of image
_/ =inner image; cut-out part.

But an accent mat is recommended to visually separate the printed mat from the inner image. 1/4" is enough; it also fills the gap and provides a mounting surface for the printed mat. Looks good, too.
If you decide to go ahead and do this check the angle of your cutters, a hand held may have more angle than a bench model (last time I did this was 5 years ago with a fletcher 2100 and it was waaay too tight to get together easily).

Tacky I reckon - but then I usually sell more art I don't like than anything else anyhow...
When we do this we treat it like a insert mat and cut a matching mat that the print is bonded to so you have a flat surface that reaches the total space edges.
A black/blk core is a nice inner-mat but I wouldn't cut it larger than 1/8" face.
I do this all the time too. I mount the poster to mat board, then use a complimentary color for a double mat edge. About 1/4". You just have to make sure that there is no essential imagery where you are cutting the mat width so you don't go through somebody's head, etc. I don't mind using the double mat. It does seperate part of the imagery, but in a decorative way. This is after all, a decorative, "designey" way of presenting a poster. Then you can either lay the "mat" back on the poster, or space it up a bit with a hidden foam board spacer.