Matting glass plates & tintypes(photos)


Feb 27, 2005
I am looking for a good way to mat glass plate ambrotype and tintype photo prints. The glass plate & the tintype are not able to be dry mounted and hinge mounting sure doesn't work. The best I have come up with so far is to thread silver wire over the four corners & put it through the mat board backing the glass or metal and tie it off that way. Then put the overmat with the cutout to fit the glass or tin. With the glass I have to use a double overmat to get separation from the glazing in front it with separation. With the tintype there is enough distance with a single mat... but I am using double because it looks better.

Anyone with a better way to mount/mat the fragile glass or tin than what I have come up with? I would like to know. Can't find much on doing it after searching.
I think a sink mat would work well in this situation - there would be less chance of scratching the piece. You would probably still need to double mat the tintype, or use a mat and a spacer. Tintypes are hardly ever flat.

When the framed pieces are hung on a wall and exposed to light, fading could be a problem - especially with the ambrotype. Maybe think anout con clear glass or plexi?

Tillman -
Like Kit stated, use a sink mat - most of the time when we get in tin-types they are bent or crinkled somewhat. I usually cut a reverse bevel on a red or black suede mat that sort of emulates the way they used to display tin-types in a velvet lined frame.