Matting Debris/Rubbing


Oct 4, 2015
Tucson, AZ
We are a company that exclusively frames and ships framed jerseys. We use acrylic for purposes of durability. We have recently had a number of customers receive their jerseys from us and the matting is showing marking on the matting. I have attached a few pictures.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it a matting quality issue? Or acrylic?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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That is unusual.
What brand of matting and acrylic are you using?
I would assume that it is the matting that is being damaged for some reason.
As we rarely ship items I can only guess as to the issue.
Could there be a difference of humidity issue between you and your customers causing condensation that then damages the mat?
There are others on here with more shipping knowledge that should be able to help.

Best of luck,
Have you taken one apart to examine the surfaces apart from one another?
It looks more like some kind of contamination to me, possibly from the edge of the acrylic scraping against the rabbet.
The other thought is it is residue from polishing the acrylic that isn't immediately visible when fitting the piece.
Thank you for the replies. Yes, we take the film off the acrylic and yes we have examined the matting when they have been returned because of the "residue". I'm beginning to think it has more to do with the acrylic than the matting, since it's something that can be rubbed out.
I have been acrylic only since 2001. Never seen this. Shipped many thousands of frames with acrylic without problems. Not sure what Plaskolite acrylic is. I only use framing grade acrylic from Evonik and TruVue. Is Plaskolite framing grade?
Doing a bit of research, Plaskolite is a company that provides a wide variety of thermoplastics.
One manufacturing brand they offer is called OPTIX.
In the Plaskolite product line guide, OPTIX General Purpose acrylic sheet says "...for applications requiring high clarity, such as high-end lighting systems, and picture framing...".
Perhaps confirm with where you bought the acrylic you have been using, precisely what product they sold you.
Is it possible you are using a thermoplastic that is designed for sign making, lighting, or other industrial purposes, which may not be suitable for enclosed picture framing?
I think Niko may be on to something here. Much of the Plaskolite branded products I have seen were thinner sheets intended for purposes other than picture framing.
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