Matrix invatations and tickets

Marc Lizer

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 28, 1999
North Hollywood, CA

other shot

other shot

This should answer some questions. Ask any others.
Mainly "how did you come to this design," and what instructions were you given?"

This was done for the printer.

They wanted one as a wall sample of what they can do, and one to give to the client.

The instructions were to "do whatever you can. Make it look good, and different. And since i have not seen the movie (either of them) if you think of something to make it look more matrix-like that would be fine too."

However, I did get some instruction on what they absolutely wanted to see.
Since it was a print job they wanted to make sure to show the asorted printing elements that made the job unique (and profitable, because each "add on" added price to the bill) from a printer persepctive.

This is what they wanted to see:

2 Custom black linnen laid paper envelopes. (you can see them on the top and on the center left).

The Silver hot-foil stamped return address on the above envelopes.(on the top area)

(the large center grouping is) (CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE)
The announcement card that was printed on the front and back. Two versions were printed, one in French (for Cannes) and one in English. (Lose the Fecnch ones.)

The silver ticket folder/holder. With embossing and fold score line. As well as die-stamp cuts to insert the party ticket.(at the top)

The bottom most item (CLICK THIS LINK) is the invitation/ticket to see The Matrix in Cannes (in French for the French pavilion showing, and another was printed in Engilsh for the Amercian pavilion showing)(lose the French one).

The white item is the actual ticket CLICK HERE TO SEE that printed to be given out to see the first showing on May 7th, at one of two theaters. It is notable as it is printed on clear film (dare we say maylar?).
The problem with twofold. You can't see it without a backer. And any adhesive will be clealy visible with or without a backer.

Last but not least is the funky hologram backing board.

It is the material that all the items (except the clear one) were printed on.

When they asked for something that was different, and matrix like" I thought that no material I had really could come close. I had the printer save all the trimmings. I used a bunch of the trimmings (about 2 x 7 inches in size) and attached them to the backing board. I attached them at a 45 angle from the orientation of the printed material.

I have pix of that process to upload to explain better.
Cool Beans.
What kind of frame and what was the retail?
The frame is a Universal Mldg.

It comes in 3 width, and in gold, silver, bronze and gunmetal.

It's the same as the Roma ones, and the Larson ones.

It's a Hot-foil brushed metalic finish.

Larson's? Which ones?

Help me out here. What's the difference between hot-foil and metal leaf? I know the Roma frame you are talking about, but I never though of it as a foil. I've seen the plastic foils that are sensitive to chemicals.
Originally querried by lessafinger:
Larson's? Which ones?
They call it the Radia'nce line.

Further added by lessafinger:
Help me out here. What's the difference between hot-foil and metal leaf?
Metal leaf is either gold, silver, tin, brass, bronze, schalg, compsition, platunum, copper, lead . . .

You get the idea.

OK, that was a bit cheeky.

Metal leaf is made from metals that can be processed (often hammered) to a very thin state. Often the metals used have unique properties that allow for maleability.

Gold, Silver and copper are the main ones.

Schlag metal is the term for leaf made from a brew of metals. This would be often imitation gold.

I think it is often Tin, copper and third.

gold leaf is about 1 buck a sheet for about a 3 1/2 inches suare piece. I think the books of 25 run 20 to 30 bucks depending upon quality.

Schlag goes for (I think) 40 bucks for a box of 500 sheets that are 5 x 5 inches.

I think that Jerome or Cornel could go on more about Leaf far better than I.

Leaf is available in rolls too. It does not need to be actually hand applied on pieces.

I know the Roma frame you are talking about, but I never though of it as a foil.
Yes it is. As is the Uni and the Larson copies

I've seen the plastic foils that are sensitive to chemicals.
Yep. That they are.

When the Radia'nce came out, in the booth I asked Larson (as in not a rep, but the upper level guy) if they were indeed hot foil. (I knew the Roma's and Uni's were foil, they don't hide that fact).

He would not say yes, and he could not say no.

I stepped closer to grab one off the wall. He then said.

"Well, I can't say for sure about that mldg, but I do know that all the other mldg we purchase maufactured from that factory is hot foil. but I can't say for sure on that line, at this moment without inspecting the mldg."

I stepped toward the mldg. He said he had to go (now).

I don't have the samples infront of me at the moment, but taking a trip through the catalog, other Hot Foil wonders are:

The lip on SoHo

And the maybe's:

I could be wrong on all of these.

Hot foil is not a bad thing.
Studio, Uni and Roma an d LaMarche, Max, Omega, Decor, Framerica, (and many others)all have thier share too.

Studio, Uni, Roma and LaMarche will tell you upfron when asked. For some it is used in the selling pitch.

From some of these companies, the Hot Foil product is priced according to it's process of manufacture, not at percieved market value.