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Sep 18, 2002
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Ok, what's going on here :confused:

Didn't Fletcher do away with their mat cutter and folks that owned them were (really) upset? So what is this new line of manual mat cutters, MatPro 120 and 150?

What I'm I missing here? Are these a better choice for the small shop who doesn't turn out 20 project a week?

What are your thoughts on this, are they any good?
It's my guess that these are updated versions of the Fletcher CMC's, Cliffie. I saw the insert in the new Decor and I guess they decided that they may have made a mistake dropping their CMC line or maybe they just simply had these updated versions on the drawing board and didn't release them kuntil now.

(Well, that's as good a guess as any, ........ I guess.)

Originally posted by Framerguy:
It's my guess that these are updated versions of the Fletcher CMC's

These are not CMC's, nor are they made by Fletcher...

The 120 and 150 are manual pneumatic matcutters made by Valiani with a Fletcher/Valiani nameplate. I suspect they are available under the Valiani name as well.

If they are even 1/2 as good as Valiani's last manual production machines, these should be real honeys - a sweet option for those who don't want to bite the CMC bullet!
there was a post on this last week...i think. the person from fletcher responded and explained some about these machines. sorry i cant remember the topic, but you could do a search under mat pro.

Printmaker has correctly identified the product description and the intent of this machine to fill the void for framer's not wanting a full blown CMC, but something more volume oriented than a traditional table straight line mat cutter.

They are indeed manufactured in Italy by Valianni for Fletcher with some additional improvements. Fletcher sells them exclusively in North America and this was discussed previously under Speed Mat Experience?

The machines are very well engineered and have some unique advantages on certain mat projects particularly multiple opening mats.


John ("the person from Fletcher" ;) )

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So...What is the price? Printmaker, start a drumroll please.
I received a broacher in the mail, I've seen their ads, it's been on the Grumble, yet I do not have a clue what these things sell for.

My other question would be, just how long will Fletcher keep it in their line?

Originally posted by Art On Canvas:
So...What is the price? Printmaker, start a drumroll please.
The drum roll continues...

I've contacted our suppliers but, unfortunately, the MatPro is not available here in the colonies just yet...

Having purchased a CMC, I'm not in the market for one of these, but am still curious - if one of you south-of-the-border grumbling cousins could find out the price, inquiring minds do want to know.

Thank you, in advance.
I called UMS a few days ago....the girl did not know what I was inquiring about at first...then she asked and came back to tell me they would be selling the 40x60 for 3800.00........if they had the right info. That is about 1000.00 more than the same size Speed Mat. Don't know how they would stack up side by side.....but I am going to buy one of them in the near future.

You did the right thing by checking with one of the Fletcher-Terry authorized distributors.

To lay your hands on the machine for comparison and evaluation is the next step. Shown in Las Vegas last week, the next major show will be Decor Expo in New York at the end of February where the MatPro will be demonstrated.

As you are in Indiana, I will advise that Fletcher will have the machine at the TC Moulding Open House in Detroit on March 13-14. I'm sure there will be other opportunities throughout the year as well.



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Thanks John. Unable to make NY show...planning on going to Atlanta in September for DecorExpo....hope to see both machines there. Lots of questions....
Thanks John and yes the new equipment will be at our show in Troy. Frameboy you should try to make it. As soon as I get pricing I will post it. Details are attached to the February Framing Business News.