Material for corner sample display board material?


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Aug 23, 2006
Douglasville, Georgia
Hey guys,
I'm new to the board. Just fixing to open up a shop in Lithia Springs, GA. I grew up in a family mom/pop shop that was also an art/hobby/sporting goods/music/... store. I have the equipment and a fair amount of supplies to start out from that business. One of the things I'm facing is my boards for moulding corners need to be re-upholstered. I believe my mom used fleece material, but am unsure. Any recommendations on the best stuff for velcro to stick to?

check out United one of our sponsors for a loop pile material...come in tan, black or grey.....welcome and good luck to you.
Thanks for the quick reply. I have lots to learn and I'm sure this may be the first, but definitely not the last question I'll post.

sorry its called foam backed pile material # 3225, and your welcome!
We used Velok "Excalibur" Light Buff #7010-11 for our walls to mount corner samples.
good luck!
We use an industrial grade carpet on the wall.

The guy at R&S flooring supplies thought I was nuts when I took some of our Velcro corners and started tossing them on their rug samples to see how well they’d stick.
I used the material from United on a spinner I built and commercial rug on the walls.

Don't use "felt" or most of the material you might think would be ok. It doesn't stand up.
6' by 8' blue carpet from Home Depot ($20) commercial grade, generic carpeting works well, and looks better on the wall than strips of velcro, IMO

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Do a search for carpet

United is good and here is another option straight from the manufacturer.

I think this is where I got my material from. (The website was being re-done last time I tried it but they have good material.)

Good luck with everything.

Also try the search option towards the top of the page, there has to be something in the archives.
I used automotive headliner material with the foam back. You can get it at most large fabric shops and comes in many colors. Then use carpet adhesive,for foam backed carpets, applied with a notched trial to glue it to the wall or any whare you want it. Don't use the spray adhesive they will try to sell you at the fabric store, it doesn't work nearly as well.
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We used commercial-grade carpet. Many colors available. Take your velcro when you shop to make sure it sticks. Carpet/linoleum adhesive holds it very well.

We recently carpeted the front of the 96x32 front design table to match the floor...remnants always avaiable....$5 ! Looks great, was easy to do, price definately a plus!
Shaun, nice to have you here with us.

I am sold on carpeting the walls as well. I have done the velcro strip down the wall thing and like the look and function of carpet better.
Consider looking around here on the grumble at examples framers from across the nation and world have used. There is a search feature as well as many, many home pages from fellow grumblers. Remember, 'a picture is worth more than a thousand words'.
Carpeting gives you versatile hanging options as well. My old wall didn't fit 6 rows acros well so instead of hanging the moulding in up and down straight lines I hung them in a starburst pattern. It looked great! And really eye-catching, customers loved it, and it was easy to maintain, which for me is a really big thing!
Whatever you use make sure it is "Fire Resistant" and have the paperwork to back it up. Fire Marshalls and Insurance are going to require this and you don't want to have to tear out what you put in. The above suggestions of carpet and loop pile will have occurences of both "fire resistant" and "not"!
Thank you guys for your input. You guys are awesome and this board is the best. It is great to be able to go out and ask the "stupid questions... (There is no such thing as a stupid question!!)

I was just about to post the caution that jPaul just did. Check your local building codes to see what documentation is required. My local municipality is quite strict, and would not have let me use carpeting on floors and especially vertical surfaces (which are all considered walls) without written proof that the material I chose met particular standards for flamespread rating.
Good luck with your new venture.
:cool: Rick
Oh, yeah.

Two, maybe three, locations ago I had the walls of my new shop carpeted. I was less than 24 hours from opening when the fire inspector came in and told me I had to take the carpeting down. I got ahold of the fire resistance documentation from the supplier/installer and also pointed out that the carpeting was EXACTLY the same as that on the walls of the local museum.

I wasn't going to get shut down alone.

Not only are carpeted walls great for hanging corner samples, but they are good sound insulators, they hide the nail holes and pictures hang straighter.

BTW, later that same day, the building inspector came in and told me I couldn't have my framing saw in the back room because there was a fire exit back there. Somebody trying to escape a burning building might turn on the saw and lop off a limb on the way out.

It was all part of the Appleton initiative to encourage downtown business development.
we just re-covered ours and we used a product called "bur-fab". it's the same thing as the large spinning racks have on them from Neilsen, etc.

It's a bit pricey - but it looks and works great!
My wall carpet is exactly the same stuff as my floor carpet. Fire Inspector passed both when I took over. I asked...
Sandra- hope that "bur-fab" holds up well for you. My newer nielsen spinner rack's surface material is getting a bit "wooly" and doesn't hold the velcro as well as the more durable material on my older spinner. The newer stuff is a pale gray in color. I'm thinking of replacing it with the stuff I use on my sliding panels.

I used to be in the portable tradeshow exhibit business and have always used FrontRunner fabric. It's light weight,comes in a multitude of colors and easy to apply. Check out their closeouts.

I use it for many other applications including:

--window display backdrops

--inclinded design counter coverings

--portable moulding display boards

Dave Makielski