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El Framo

Aside from 4-ply, 8-ply etc., what's the scoop on the thickness of matboard? I know that Artique is a slightly thicker board than others, but what about boards within a certain company. Again, I know there will be a difference between a Crescent Brite-core, and a Crescent select.
What spawned this question regards the cutting of a sheet of Crescent 1531. After cutting numerous V-Grooves etc. without having to change any settings on our Eclipse, I cut a V-groove in this board and it cut through the core. I then compared it to other samples from various companies, and it came up thinner.
I guess I'm wondering why this board would be thinner, and if I'm crazy for wondering?

Please be kind.
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Much of the Crescent line has been thinner than competitors for 20 years now. This has been one of the issues that has kept me from using them on a large scale during the past 2 decades. People tend to become accustomed to the board of their choice and adapt to the differences.
According to my micrometer,
Cresent Alphamat artcare: 0.0500"
Cresent standard board: 0.0541"
I'd say 3/64" is a close figure.

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El Framo: Check your nylon foot on the cutting head. If this is excessively worn it can sometimes cause v-grooves to ungroove. If the black anodized edge is silver then it is probably time to replace it. Take a black sharpie and make it black again. Then when the foot wears and you see silver, it's time to replace again. Also, just to be sure, make sure the blade depth adjustment screw is still firm and didn't move on you by accident.
Thanks John. The machine is actually pretty well calibrated. It was just frustrating making that cut and THEN realizing the board was thinner. I guess I'll call Crescent and see why, it's just easier to post here and wait for the typhoon of good info to hit. Off hand the sample seems a likely candidate for the trashcan.

Thanks to all.
Originally posted by El Framo:
I guess I'll call Crescent and see why, it's just easier to post here and wait for the typhoon of good info to hit.
The real answer to that question is economics. I don't know what they will say but Crescent has always been the cheaper of the two major players. Might just be me but less material cost equates to lower price.
Crescent Duplex boards, 1530 & 1531 are thinner. They are listed in Crescents specifier as .045. As to why, you'll have to ask Crescent.
Ron, I didn't know any better. I get some supplies from a local framer who I thought was getting crecent. I trade him plexi for supplies.
To Jeff - the last time I checked price point on Bainbridge Alphamat and Cresent, Bainbridge was less expensive. For some boards, its pennys, but others are more significant. Let me know if you find it to be different.