mat pro 120 150


Grumbler in Training
Mar 31, 2004
has anyone brought the new fletcher valiani mat pro 120/150. if so what is your opinion of the machine? convenience? accuracy? ease of use? value vs. speed mat? etc.?
thank you jerry for the welcome. i was starting to think i was alone in wanting to purchase these machines. it's good to know that my question and i are not lost in some binary loop in cyber space.
i have been following the boards for about 2 years now and have found the feedback on many subjects extremely useful.
since seeing the mat pro and speed mat at the ny show, i have been doing my due dilligence on these products. i have asked alot of question of the respective sales staff, but as of yet have not spoken to anyone who actually has purchased the mat pro 120/150. it may just be the newest of the machine and speed mat has been the "market standard" for many years. moreover, as you stated, speed mat owners love the speed mat, which is encouraging.

donna sully
african source
richmond, va