Mat Magic Inks, help


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Jul 30, 1997
I need some Mat Magic Inks, Does anybody have a old unused set or single colors for sale in grumblerland.

All deals considered.

I use plain old artist acrylic paint.

From what I have heard Mat Magic is a propiatory acrylic paint formula. Artist acrylic thinned to a desired thickness will work fine.
What's the shelf-life on this stuff?

I have some powders, inks and fillet paints in boxes left-over from an employee who loved spending days doing French mats.

She's been gone for 10-12 years. If this stuff is any good, I'd love to find it a good home (other than my basement.)
Mat Magic is (was) a special formulation of acrylic paint, I think, and all of the colors are intermixable.

The closest I've found is acrylic gouache, AKA acrylic airbrush color. You can buy it wherever airbrush tools & paints are sold. These paints are water-borne acrylic; water soluble & water clean up, but waterproof when dry. This kind of paint is especially handy when watercolor washes are to be added between the lines. Water won't make them run.

The powders, too, are a special formulation, and intermixable. I know they're basically pigment, but I don't know what else is in them. As a substitute, I've shaved powder from chalk and pastels. Just be sure you get all the loose stuff off the mat.
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
What's the shelf-life on this stuff?
The powders are good forever, so long as they're kept dry. The paints will dry out over time, depending on how tightly the jars are closed, and I don't think they can be reconstituted.
Ah, so that's where we get the expression, "Keep your powder dry."

Framer, I'll try to dig this stuff up (literally)in the next day and see what kind of shape it's in. If it's any good, you're welcome to it.

Edit: And if it's not, I'll have to send it C.O.D. I'd like to get my basement clean before my lease runs out.

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I have some never used colors that are still good and about 20 years old. I'm talking inks. It has a very long shelve life if not abused. Ron, I'm mostly interested in INKS.


Yes, I abuse a few of my inks. Early bottles had a nice SS ball-barring inside. I've been known to drop small screws in a bottle to help mix it up better but in a couple of years the rust from the screw makes it sick. I've learn my lesson but the damage was done.

I'm in the market myself and so went looking for this post from last fall. Haven't contacted them yet, though.

Originally posted by Kris Casier:
Dear Grumblers,

As we used to be the European distributor for MAT MAGIC, we still have a fair stock of most of the Mat Magic products: powders, paints and inks.

As the Mat Magic products are discontinued, we are willing to supply the American framers the items they need. Just send us an email with a list of the items & quantities you might need. We'll reply with an offer, including prices & shipment cost.

I hope we can help you with this.
I stocked in a good supply from Kris last fall. He didn't have all the metalic colors so some of the favorites aren't available. Be prepared to wait several weeks for relatively inexpensive postal delivery or pay a premium if you need the products quickly.
I took a quick look last night before I left and spotted the fillet paints (which I did not open to check.)

I'll look more this morning and see if I can unearth the inks. Who knows - maybe I'll find my Mat Maestro software.
Why did these become unavailable? Was it sales performance as most discontinueds seem to be? I have some of the paints, some of the powders (which I haven't used in quite awhile), and three of the inks. I really liked the latter.
I've got two sets of metallics somewhere. Looks like they might be a hot ticket on Ebay.

Just kidding, if I find them I will be happy to give them to a good home. I inherited them when one of the stores I worked at went out of business. The day before the liquidators took over the store manager told all of us managers to gather what we wanted from our departments and she sold it all to us for five bucks. :eek: Let's see, I got a full set of books to study for the CPF exam(lofty goals back then)an air nailer and stapler, various fitting tools, every hook hanger and nail available, case of ATG(which did keep for 10 years)and all the Mat Magic I had on hand. I haven't even touched the stuff. It has sat in my basement for that length of time. I'll look for it this weekend and see if it is still good. It is so dry here in Colorado I would expect they are all dried up and useless. Hope not.
Framer, I have just stumbled across some Mat Magic Inks: black and 7 different metallics.

One of them is thoroughly dried up, but the others, while separated, appear to be liquid at least.

If you'd like to have a look at them, I'll send 'em to you. I have absolutely no use for them myself.

If you don't want them, I'm sending them to Emibub.

P.S. I was looking for some sandpaper.
Hi to All!
I'm looking for a set (or incomplete set) of MatMagic powder.
Anybody, who is willing to part with there powder....please contact me.
Thank You!!!