Mat Maestro

Joanne Eveleigh

Grumbler in Training
Jun 24, 2002
Brighton, Michigan
I desperately need some help, some information. I sold my business March 2001 and along with it sub-let a Mat Maestro Mat Cutter. The person who bought the business stopped paying her note with me as well as the lease payments. We have been in litigation since December. It's a long story but I will tell anyone who e-mails me with their story and asks to hear mine. The mat cutter is not working, and I have no idea why. I would like to hear if anyone has any information or a story of their own regarding this machine. Tell me if you leased your cutter. Time is of the essence, so if anyone can help me, please let me know right away. Thanks.
Thanks, Dancinbaer. I've already talked with Joanne at length on the phone. Joanne is the unfortunate soul that John Richards referred to me last week.