Mat Maestro trouble


Grumbler in Training
Jul 16, 2001
Dear fellow imat users,
I am posting this message in hopes that somebody out there will be able to help us with our problem. The trouble began with what we thought was the digital encoder, so we replaced that with a new one only to find that the problem still remains. The problem is that after we enter all of the dimensions and try to cut the mat, the head,(where blade is attached) just spins in circles. Please do not hesitate to respond, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Jason and Jennifer
We have a Gunnar. But the head will spin in place, as you describe when the machine is turned on, but the air pressure is not getting to the machine. On ours, there is a safety-trip air-thingy under (ours is flatbed) the table. Is there a sping loaded air valve on the machine? This may be where the problem is. I hope this helps in some way.
Have you taken the cover off the head? Probably a redundant question. But I had problems with the locater pin located on the gear wheel. Mine was actually too long so it kept bending. Ron Eggers has the name of a former tech support person. I don't have the name with me but I'm sure he would send it to you.

Good Luck
Jim Svetlecic
Are you still having trouble with your cutter? If so, take the cover off of the cutting head. Everything inside is attached to an aluminum plate that is attached to the gantry (the thing that moves back and forth). The plate is on your left. Near the top of the plate is a flat white plastic box. It has an air hose attached at the bottom and two hoses at the top (closest to you). The bottom hose is just the input hose but the top two control the plunge and return of the cutting head itself. It sounds like your cutting head isn't getting enough air pressure to plunge. Below the two air hoses is a round device with an orange center; push this and your cutting head should plunge. If it doesn't, loosen the silver locking ring (turn counter clockwise) on the bottom hose connection, then turn the white knob one complete turn (I'm not sure which direction so just try clockwise first) and press the orange dot again. Eventually the cutting head should start to plunge. I hope this helps.