Mat Maestro/iMat Update

Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
I had a long conversation today with Richard Gibson at GK (Gibson-Koler)Enterprises. This is a company that was set up to provide supplies, parts and support for the Mat Maestro. They have new software and are expecting to move into hardware enhancements that will be backwards compatible with the current machines.

Richard is under the impression that the vast majority of Mat Maestro owners that have actually taken delivery of the CMC and have not stored it or disposed of it, now have satisfactorily working Mat Maestros. That is the initial goal of his company, and he believes they are very close.

I would like to hear from people who have Mat Maestros about your experiences over the last six months with the machine and with GK Enterprizes. Also, are you using the new software from GK? I told Richard I would work with him to try and determine the current status of the 160-or-so Mat Maestros out there. You can respond here or email me. I will also be sending a mailing to the users on my mailing list. I have not and will not turn this list over to GK, but will encourage users to contact them directly for support. I am convinced that Marvin Brecht, the owner of the bankrupt Regal Crown Industries, has no connection with GK Enterprises.

My own machine is quirky and unpredictable, but I have not installed the new software to see if that helps. Today I cut three good mats with 25 windows each and I'm glad I didn't have to do it with my manual cutter. Tomorrow, it may refuse to do anything useful.
Should I conclude that Richard Gibson is right - that Mat Maestro users are now a generally happy bunch?

Or perhaps most users have simply given up.

Or maybe none of them look at the techi forum on The Grumble.

I have been running GK's newest software for the past several weeks and I'd say it solved about 3/4 of the problems I was having with the Mat Maestro CMC. I believe the rest of the problems I'm having could be solved by GK with a cutting head retrofit. I will consider that when I can spare the cutter for a week or two.

This is no help at all to those of you who paid for a machine - or are commited to a lease - and never got delivery. But if you have a Mat Maestro or IMat CMC that is not performing properly, I urge you to get in touch with GK Enterprise or, if you are sceptical, contact me directly.